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  1. Albert K. Holic

    Dining hall

    im just wondering how good the food is. also, as a vegetarian (prepares for slanderous statements about masculinity, mental stability etc), do i need to tell anyone that i have "special needs", or will the food for vegetarians just be there? cheers.
  2. Albert K. Holic

    Working in a pub

    Im trying to find out what sort of pay you can get working in, you guessed it, a pub. Im thinking that it will either be pretty good, coz u have to deal with drunks, work late hours etc, or it will be really shit, because the employer is trying to make the biggest profit possible. so if...
  3. Albert K. Holic

    Schoolies soundtrack

    hey people i was just thinking over it, and basically, i reckon i only heard about 5 songs all week. anyway, the point is, if we could all list the songs that made your schoolies one way or the other, itd be tops, and we could all rememeber the fun times in music. the songs i remember most...
  4. Albert K. Holic

    The X-Factor

    so, what does everyone expect from this show? personally, i think it could be interesting, althought the ads, with the judges.... my god, how bad are they. esp the Kate Cebrano one "my rock experience is more raw". yeah, sure, she's heaps rock... anyway, post away.
  5. Albert K. Holic

    B Arts in Sport and Exercise Management

    hey everyone. im still thinking about applying for this degree, but i want to actually know what its about. from what i can garner from the UTS website, its basically about human movement and stuff, which doesnt make much sense to me, since there is a specific human movement degree at UTS...
  6. Albert K. Holic

    Stick Cricket

    www.stickcricket.com this game is super fun. have a go. also, if u figure out how to. play the spinners, let me know ;)
  7. Albert K. Holic

    Communications offers

    when are these made? i read the UAC guide and it said that the early round was made up of offers that would be made primarily to people who deferred, to international fee payers and courses that predominantly used criteria other than the uai. so i was wondering.... does that include...
  8. Albert K. Holic

    B Planning

    Does anyone do this degree? My questions: what does it involve, is it enjoyable, what are the employment rates for graduates?
  9. Albert K. Holic

    Extra-curricular activities

    hello all. I'm very hopeful of doing a comm course at bathurst next year. One of the things that makes me abit apprehensive is the "isolation" of the place. So, to get to the point, what's the life like in bathurst? or any other campus for that matter? Is there much by way of things within...
  10. Albert K. Holic

    Guantanamo Bay

    Having just got back from schoolies on the 4th, im not really too up to date with whats been happening in the media at all. However, i did hear last night that terry hicks was abused at a rally or something for whatever reason. First, what was the rally for, what was he abused for/about, and...
  11. Albert K. Holic

    Drinking in public: what's the law?

    word has it that this is a massive favourite of cops at schoolies weeks. so, just to make sure we know where we stand, what exactly is public drunkenness etc?
  12. Albert K. Holic

    Cricket Coverage

    i don't think im the only one when i say.... wheres hawkeye? also, whats that crap they were showing yesterday with the "actual ball" vs the "ball without seam" or whatever it was. its dodgy. i just wanna know whether close LBW's r out, not any of that other garbage!
  13. Albert K. Holic

    Post-modern song on JJJ

    i heard this song on friday 12/11/04 and it was really funny. sadly, i didnt catch the name or artist, so yeah, i know very little about it. basically, it was a song about this guy saying how post-modern he was, and it was almost spoken word. one of the lines was "i'm so post-modern i only...
  14. Albert K. Holic

    Interest Rates

    Sorry to start a new thread for a simple question, but i wanna know how long its been since the RBA changed interest rates. cheers
  15. Albert K. Holic


    help me please. maybe its just me, but i cant figure out what my study guide/textbook/teacher is talking about when it comes to nutrition esp in regard to nutrition schedules etc. any help wud b fantastic
  16. Albert K. Holic

    Public Communications

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this course, coz ive put it as my first preference for 2005. Is it classy? Is it worth all the extra hassle of these interviews and essays and so on? And how does it compare to UTS public relations degrees? Cheers in advance.