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  1. zaddiaone

    How much?

    Hey, please I was curious. How many lines/pages in general must one write for 1) a 6 marker 2) a 4 marker 3) a two marker 4) an 8 maker Cuz i get confused that I may not e giving too much detail when required and am scared that I might loose makes for that. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  2. zaddiaone

    Dropping SOR 1

    Hello, I was wandering is it possible to move from SOR 1 to SOR 2? I was thinking of moving from SOR 1 to SOR 2 in order to drop eco for year 12 next year but am not sure. This will mean that I will be on 10 units if I move to SOR II. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. zaddiaone

    Prelims Cancelled?

    Hi everyone...:jump: given the state of COVID and lockdown, do you guys think prelim exams 2021 will e cancelled? have a safe and restful day:)
  4. zaddiaone

    Early entry question

    hello guys, I wanted to ask, would b's , 2 c's and 1 A be sufficient year 11 results for early entry for nursing? the subjects i do are eng adv, bio, maths std 2, work studies, sor1, CAFS and eco. Any help will be appreciated thank you