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    Study Timetable and Organisation Help

    How much should I be studying each week day and on weekends ? I'm trying to fit in 1 hour of exercise and 8 hours of sleep into each day. and I'm thinking of using the pomodoro study technique for all my tasks I need done. As for organisation I'm going to try get folders/binders for each...
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    What areas of maths should i be focusing on during holidays ?

    Is there any specific maths that i should focus on improving/revising before next year, i'm doing advanced math and possibly Ext 1 (next year being year 11). I missed out on a fair bit of geometry but by looking at the syllabus i don't think stuff like congruence and similarity would really...
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    Need help with subject selection

    So I'm currently doing Advanced Maths, Advanced English, Physics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and SLR (Sports, lifestyle recreation - which doesn't go towards my atar just a nice PE break in between classes). I've been thinking of picking up extension 1 to help with physics and because math...