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    UTS business/law vs USYD/UNSW commerce

    law doesn't have the best employment prospects right now. prestige also doesn't matter that much anymore - top firms take people from UTS/MQ/NSW/USYD based more on grades then what uni you go to.
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    Whatever happens tomorrow won't change your life

    lol. I am not trying to sound like the know-it-all...just trying to help ease some people's minds as I know its a stressful time. As for 80s being a bad ATAR, I came from an expensive private school where the average was close to 90. Considering my circumstances my ATAR was poor but that is...
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    Whatever happens tomorrow won't change your life

    Hi guys, I know a lot of you are nervous about tomorrow but believe me - whatever mark you get does not determine the rest of your life or even the rest of your degree. I screwed up my HSC fairly badly (ATAR was in the 80s) but am now a third year student going onto their fourth year of study...
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    Is Criminal Defence Lawyer a terrible job?

    its not a morally terrible job when you believe the court will render the correct decision. also, cases are rarely black and white.
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    Do I have a chance of getting an offer???

    My friend got in but she was an international student (who have slightly lower entry requirements). I wonder if a person would be able to get in if they offer to pay full fees? Otherwise yeah, just do UTS/MQ law. Its still a pretty good program & and there is nearly no advantage in sticking...
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    Arts/Law USYD vs. Law UTS with scholarship

    I say go with UTS. I've gone to both Usyd & MQ (MQ, like UTS, is considered a 'mid-tier' university) and I honestly don't think Usyd is that much better. Let me put it this way: First off, like Rish said, yes its true that a distinction at Usyd > a distinction at UTS/MQ. However from what...
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    2015 USYD First Year Questions

    have u tried the terrace housing ^. Relatively affordable but housemates is a matter of lottery (also no internet).
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    Is going to any uni besides UNSW or USYD worth it for Law?

    Several of my older friends got into top law firms (e.g. K&WM, Clayton Utz & Minter Ellison) "despite" being MQ students. Granted, they were on distinction averages + had previous legal experience + was heavily involved in student life (executive of multiple societies) but these criterion are...
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    On Campus Accommodation at USYD

    from what I've heard from people who live there, the village is quite loud + loads of drunks.
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    Above cut-off = guaranteed entry?

    Cutoffs are based on demand & supply. While most courses don't change that much (usually within +/- 0.5), some have been known to fluctuate quite a bit (e.g. Pharmacy was 85 for 2012 entry but 90 for 2013 entry)
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    Dilemma! Which course to choose

    I think you have a chance of getting it but then again I know of a guy who got 94.4 and didn't get into commerce (cut-off of 95). You can always transfer after first year if you go to UNSW & even Usyd commerce/arts is a good degree(s). Also, yes, you will still get offers during the main...
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    DLC: alcohol allowed on campus, non-religious based college, smaller scholarships, feels more like ur renting a dormitory or apartment RMC: no drinking on campus, nicer rooms, noise curfew after a certain time, bigger scholarships, Christian (though not strictly enforced), higher...
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    Interchangable credits between unis?

    I contacted Usyd already. General enquiries told me to contact law school. Law school couldn't be bothered to answer my email lol
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    Lecture clash

    Hey guys, Just looked at my timetable and realized two of my lectures clashes with each other. There is only one lecture time for each subject too meaning I can't swap things around. What should I do? Is it worth it to do a subject through listening to online lectures alone?
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    Interchangable credits between unis?

    Hey guys, Doing law at MQ now and want to transfer to Usyd or UNSW by the end of this year. I've done foundies (LAW 115) so far and am planning to do contract, crime and ethics next semester. I've heard recently that Usyd/UNSW has changed their policy though and they won't credit any law...
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    What did you think of the protest that happened in MacLaurin Hall?

    Long story short, Bishop visited Usyd last Friday. This was somehow leaked to the students who then confronted her as she was making her way to the podium/making her speeches. This in particular caught my attention due to its intensity (its only a minute long so its not that bad)...
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    University deregulation beginning 2016 (2014 budget)

    I still count as a "current student" if I switch unis at the end of this year, right?
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    Double degree at ANU or Double majors at Usyd

    Just some quick thoughts (got lecture soon): - If you got into economics, you would have gotten 90+ I assume. That means transferring over to commerce at the end of the year will be easy peasy (just get a credit average). - Yes the Usyd business school does hold regular career nights. They...
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    Has anyone here done...?

    lol its majoring politics, sociology, psychology (too much stats) or economics (too much stats)? yep, choosing politics.