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    Fee at enrolment

    yep...that's what i did...(that way is the easiest...cos you don't know how much you have to pay until you get to the very end of enrolment and they calculate it for you...so i just rang my mum towards the end and she came and paid...) :)
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    Enrollment day: random question

    some ppl brought along their parents...(i just rang my mum towards the end and asked her to come so she could pay my course fees upfront with her credit card)
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    Semester II Exam Results (2005)

    Geology 1902 (and i'm guessing 1002) results are out...not that very many people do geology.
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    Who wants a 100 UAI?

    Ruse trial and all other assessment marks are scaled according to trends from previous cohorts. Sure it might change a bit here and there, but basically what you get on your report reflects what you get in your HSC - often the difference is within on a few marks. They take a lot of effort to...
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    Who wants a 100 UAI?

    Ruse predictions are amazingly accurate because they have been doing them seriously for years. The actual and the predicted are generally very close. They put alot of effort into the predictions and lo and behold they are usually pretty accurate.
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    B Engineering B Commerce

    you don't really need the commerce part, i mean if you ace engineering, and end up in management, [this'd take at least a decade, by which time you would have most likely forgotten the commerce you'd have done earlier]. a lot of the engineers in managment don't have commerce degrees, but some...
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    Undergraduate Medicine at Sydney??

    if you did honours, that would make it 8 yrs..right, meaning you'd go over the 7-year HECS limit right?
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    any one going to presentation ceremony?!

    i would be N....and i liked your red jumper very maths-tutor-like
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    any one going to presentation ceremony?!

    your deductive skills do you credit
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    any one going to presentation ceremony?!

    there's only so long that you can go on about thermal conductivity and heat capacity.
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    so are ppl going to the scholarship presentation thingy?...i got an email last night too
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    Has anyone with 98UAI or less ever made it into med..

    well i mean if you have super-duper uai and really good umat [when you're getting uai's near in the high 99.xx range, then you're basically naturally gifted], that's two out of three components that are excpetional. makes sense that you'd have ppl with high uai there. obviously not everyone is...
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    i got it the day after uai's came out...orignally i had been a reserve...and then received a scholarship after uai day...which was a while ago....
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    eeeep...no....even tho i got a university wide one......
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    Online ChemSkill Builder

    this isn't something compulsory like mastering phys is it...cos i don't intend to buy silberberg....
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    Who's doing the new Combined Science/Med course?

    errr...last year you basically needed a uai of 100 tho a few ppl got in with 99.95...basically its v. hard to get into...i think a fair amt of the ppl who got in, ended up not doing it anyway
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    chem ssp?

    wah...i should've looked.....
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    chem ssp?

    has anyone found out whether they're in ssp or not?...cos weren't we meant to find out at the end of the week
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    Mastering Physics

    does anyone know what the deadline for doing the mastering phys questions are?...i wish they gave us a timetable, so i knew when the hell everything was due by.
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    wow...you found out the colour of the baby's eyes....its amazing how much you can find out nowadays