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  1. hayabusaboston

    Please halp :(

    Find the limit as x and y approach 0 of (7x^2y^2) / ( x^2+2y^4) Using sandwich theorem I haven't done this shit in ages and just can't brain how to do it right now I feel like something to do with proving that fraction is less than 1 and clearly above 0 so the limit must be zero, but idk...
  2. hayabusaboston

    Can someone help with rotations and matrices?

    Lecturer and workbook is all over the place and legitimately no concrete examples whatsoever, its approaching exam time so im trying to actually start revision in depth but workbook is full of incoherent shit holy crap. I swear im not retarded lol, there was a subject feedback thing and massive...
  3. hayabusaboston

    Vector space pls help

    https://imgur.com/a/J5ZRs 2 c) and all of three have me completely lost pls advise what to do Also is 2 b) a subspace? I said it was after some working
  4. hayabusaboston

    Feeling retarded ATM

    Havent been following lectures and now don't know what these mean, question 1 the "express as..." part http://imgur.com/a/HckCP Can someone just do the first one and I'll understand how to do the rest? I known how to show is or isn't subspace just evoressing as set of vectors idk maybe I'm...
  5. hayabusaboston

    Heeelp linear algebraaa PLS :D

    http://imgur.com/a/stANL Q2 C) I am not sure what it means w-u,u,v or how to approach. Also Q3) b,c,d I dont think my lecturer covered in any great depth and actually have no idea how to do O_o lecturer jumps so much shit. For 3) a) I got r=(1,1,1) + s(1,0,1) + t(0,2,2), but dont know how to...
  6. hayabusaboston

    matrix algebra help plox?

    2.) Consider u=(1,1,1) and v=(1,0,-1) a) compute dot product u.v and vectror w=uxv b) compute volume of parallelpiped defined by u,w,v c) consider volume of parallelpiped defined by w-u,u,v. Using properties of the dot and cross products, show that volume is equal to that of the parallelpiped...
  7. hayabusaboston

    Linear algebra help plooox?

    My notes indicate nothing on the reasoning behind this. My lecturer gave us activity page which generates random questions. Can anyone help me with this pls? Three q's http://imgur.com/a/WgClW
  8. hayabusaboston

    Linear Algebra help plox?

    I just registered for a maths diploma and they accepted me only now after two full weeks so im trying to catch up on content How u do dis? 2. Determine the values (if any) of t in R for which the following linear system has: (a) no solutions, (b) infinitely many solutions, (c) a...
  9. hayabusaboston

    Someone help me im DYING with this

    A parachutist weighing m=75kg jumps from an airplane at an altitude of h meteres with initial vertical velocity v0=0. Let v(t) be his instantaneous vertical velocity at time t with the downwards direction taken as positive. Suppose that he deploys the parachute immediately after jumping from the...
  10. hayabusaboston

    help haya with maths thread

    hey folks! switched career paths from med focus to maths focus, started maths this sem after 3 years lol. will post q's, any help appreciated 1. find 8th derivative of exp(-sqrt3t).sint i got 2^7.sqrt3(exp(-sqrt3t)sint) am i right?
  11. hayabusaboston


    Hey Folks! I am a creative writing wizard. HSC 2013 atar 94.55, no formal qualifications, only wizardry. My experience is writing novels and winning poetry contests from age 12. Cbf finding awards and posting images here, I can only show you via chat what I can do ^^ HSC english mark 84 cos...
  12. hayabusaboston

    Donald Trump

    Id have laughed if it was Sanders lol, why trump? are you like one of those feminist folks? O_o
  13. hayabusaboston

    FREE 15/15 CREATIVE SAMPLES+FEEDBACK TO BOOST YOU! haya's free service is back :P

    The way it goes 1. Email me at jozifootball@yahoo.com.au with your story and what kind of changes/improvements you are seeking to make 2. I send you samples from previous 15/15 stories ive written+possibly modify some of your story to clearly depict what kind of writing style gets you big...
  14. hayabusaboston

    Selling 15/15 hsc english creative discovery

    Hi guys ^^ You may remember me a while ago making a thread about HSC English and how my one asset was creative writing + I never failed to get 15 in creative writing. I also made a thread where I was helping ppl for free improve their creative writing but I got through about 12 people before...
  15. hayabusaboston

    Intimate Experiences Thread

    Describe? My first experiences happened a few weeks ago after a college party. Drunk girl comes up to my room and we haz fun :P no sex though, cos I was missing mah equipment. But hey, it was very interesting experience. FIRST TIME KISSING A GIRL. Felt so odd, but pleasurable and enticing at...
  16. hayabusaboston

    How does rep work?

    Hai guys would just like to clarify here, this is what Ive always thought was the case however some people are telling me I am wrong, isnt it so that the GREEN BARS you have are a representation of CUMULATIVE positive rep you've received, while REP POWER is current amount of reputation? that is...
  17. hayabusaboston

    Goodes aims for "All australians to be treated equally"

    http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/21037701/goodes-has-racism-in-his-sights/ Yea um ok then, can I pls have centrelink benefits and more taxpayer money just because I come from a white family? I mean, aboriginal kids get money from the government just cos they're aboriginal, I think thats a bit...
  18. hayabusaboston

    What happened???

    So, I am supremely surprised and very, very disappointed in my marks and ATAR, and honestly dont know what happened. Only thing im happy as fk in is english haha, no idea how in the hell I managed 84, since I wrote 5 essays off the cuff 3 days before english and did not get them checked or...
  19. hayabusaboston

    Pls help!! No idea what to do?!?!

    OK so I just realised I have done fk all research about ANYTHING relating to uni, and my goal is biomedicine at UMelb, fairly sure I'll get the 96 minimum, idk about 98.80 for guaranteed postgrad options but anyway. MY QUESTION IS, assuming I get the ATAR, what are the next steps I follow...