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    uac website says it busy so can't access atar

    this is so annoying i cant even access my atar because the stupid website is "too busy". is this problem happening to anyone else
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    how f*cked am I?

    i have two exams tomorrow with only an hour separating the, i only just started studying for them yesterday and since they are my last exams i don't even feel like studying. should i study or just not bother anymore. i so sick of this shit
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    all school duxs have a guarenteed position in sydney uni

    so has anyone heard of the new sydney university inniative http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/sydney-university-guarantees-a-place-for-the-dux-of-every-nsw-school-20150423-1mrqm6.html what are your thoughts?
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    how to write a strong thesis

    hi, my teacher keeps telling me my thesis is not strong enough so i would like to know, what makes a strong thesis? also how do you link you r paragraph back to the thesis.
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    is anyone doing William Butler Yeats for module B?

    hi everyone,:smile: just wondering if anyone else is doing WB yeats cause i dont see a lot of posts about him
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    should i drop maths?

    i am currently doing 2 unit maths but it is my worst subject and i want to drop it. i got 37% in my topic test and came second last. i really want to drop it because it is my worse subject and even if i continue it it probably wont even cout towards my atar as they only take your top 5 subjects...
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    question about distance ed

    me and another girl are doing chemistry through distance ed and i was wondering if our ranks would be combined with the rest of the distance ed school or just between us two
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    does school affect atar, my school is so stupid

    honestly my school is so dumb, the highest Atar from two years ago was like 85, not even in the nineties! but does school ranking affect atar, cause i heard a kid who went to a bad school got 80s in his assessment mark but then got a 39 atar,apparently because his school was ranked so low. so...
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    any career path for chemistry

    hey everyone~:spin: i want to do a career which is chemistry based. i wanted to do pharmacy but there is so much negativity in that so i was wondering if there was anyother chemistry based job where you do research or stuff like that. thankyou for your responses
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    is pharmacy a good career path

    i've heard some really bad things about the pharmacy career path but i was really hoping of doing it as i am interested in the subject. but i heard that there are no jobs in this industry and the degree isnt worth anything. so should i still aim to do pharmacy or change my goals