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    99.95 atar 2017 cheap notes

    Hey guys, I came second in the stand for Economics in 2017 with a mark of 98. I'm selling my essays (all high band 6s)- if you're interested please email me at portia.brajkovic@gmail.com. I also offer cheap essay marking for Economics and English. Thanks!
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    state rank calls!

    who got one? have they come out yet?
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    sydney scholars award 2018

    how did everyone go? I got put on reserve.does that just basically mean a no?
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    what would u need to state rank eco, minimum
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    $10 Essay Marking, $50 Tutoring

    Hey there, I just graduated from Year 12 and was ranked first in English Advanced, English Ext 1, English Ext 2, Economics, French and Mathematics as well as fourth in Maths Ext 1. I am offering $10 Essay marking in Eco and all English levels, and $50 tutoring in English and Economics. PM me if...
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    could i have an atar estimate please?

    These are my internal ranks: Eng Adv: 1/97 Eng Ext 1:1/28 Eng Ext 2:1/5 Mathematics: 1/53 Maths Ext 1:4/30 Economics:1/31 French Continuers:1/12 Last year, my school was ranked 18th, and was 11th the year before. Thank you!
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    Help i need newington trial papers

    hello everyone. our school just got a new physics teacher and he is so different to our last one. he used to work at newington so i was wondering if anyone had newington physics trial papers (maybe 2012-2015 or more if possible) so i can know what to expect in our trial PLEASE HELP I AM SO...
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    Is Law worth it now?

    Hi everyone, All I read in the news is that there is an oversupply of law graduates and there is little point in studying law. Should I study Eco/Arts (majoring in French) or Eco/Law?