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    You are the cheese to my macaroni

    After watching Juno, I've been wondering if there are any more of these cheesy lines available online. Can you think of any? They'd be fun to abuse on Valentines Day. All I can think of is the toy to my Happy Meal
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    What's you're favourite brand/style? I usually just buy cheap ones from Kmart etc so I won't feel bad if I accidentally sit on them or something. But this summer I actually have money and want to buy some that actually protect my eyes..
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    What are some good anniversary ideas?

    Mid October is the milestone of my longest relationship ever, 12 months, so I'd love some suggestions about what I can give my boyfriend. I was hoping to order custom M&Ms since he's a chocoholic, but unfortunately they're only sent to the USA. I don't want to spend too much since it's only been...
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    Cheap cruises or dodgy website?

    I've found this website with great prices for cruises..but they seem a bit TOO good to be true.. Do you guys think it's a bit dodgy, or just needs a bit of a makeover? It advertises stuff so much cheaper than travel agents, but I don't want to donate all my holiday savings to a scam...
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    B. Radiography & Med. Imaging

    To all those students freaking out about getting into medicine, I highly recommend you think about putting this course down as a preference if you fail to get the 99.9999 scores required. It's similar to medicine in that you learn anatomy, pathology, biology and everything in between, and you...