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  1. simplyinsanity


    If I were to get 2 Distinctions and 1 Credit (in subjects with equal credit point value where they don't give out marks), would my average be a Credit or a Distinction? Thanks :)
  2. simplyinsanity


    Hi everyone. I'm a first year uni student who is trying to apply for casual or part time jobs (online). However, I have a couple of questions regarding referees. 1) Is it weird/bad if both my referees are from the place I am currently working at? 2) Would it be better to include their...
  3. simplyinsanity

    Call from Telstra about Internet

    Hey. Has anyone else received a call from Telstra recently saying that there is a problem with the Internet that needs to be fixed otherwise the Internet connection will be disconnected? I'm not even on Telstra... Thanks. Edit: Basically anyone know if it's legit or if I should be worried?
  4. simplyinsanity


    Hey. For my subject 58116:The Ecology of Public Communication, the timetable builder shows that there is a Lec 2 and Tut 2 (as well as Lec 1 and Tut 1). However, when trying to do my real timetable, I'm only asked to choose times for Lec 1 and Tut 1. Is that supposed to happen? Thanks :)
  5. simplyinsanity

    UTS law vs USYD arts --> law

    I got an atar of 98.40 and am trying to decide between UTS law or using arts to transfer into USYD law. Obviously, I am trying to weigh up the advantages of USYD's prestige and being able to get directly into law. Thoughts? And these are some other questions I have: 1. How easy is it to...
  6. simplyinsanity

    Results Check + Exam Responses

    Is getting the exam responses just for personal reference? Or is it also useful when getting the results check? Thanks.
  7. simplyinsanity

    Accepting Offers + Enrolment?

    Could someone please clarify what the procedure for accepting offers and enrolling into courses will be? I am aware that UAC offers are released on January 16 next year and you accept these online. Is that all you need to do? Because while reading other threads, I've seen that you get mailed...
  8. simplyinsanity

    Case where defendant attempted defence of mental illness?

    Hi. I'm looking for a case in the past 15 years where the defendant was charged with an indictable offence. Pleaded not guilty (using a defence of mental illness/intellectual disability) but was found guilty during the court process? Thanks in advance.
  9. simplyinsanity

    What is a 75 in 3unit maths?

    If I'm constantly getting a mark of 75% in 3unit maths, what is this likely to equal in the actual HSC? Taking scaling into consideration. I'm in a top 20 school and I am ranked at around 25 out of 100. Thanks in advance :)