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    Transformers - The Movie (2007)

    I think he is supposed to be Brawl. I could have sworn they used the name Devastator in the movie, but that would have been a fuck up, especially since Bay wanted to use the Constructicons for the sequel and Devastator is the sum total of the Constructicons.
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    Do YoO think this is weird??

    I think you'll find your perspective will change in a few years.....
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    Humanities student wanting to do Psychology (Arts) - How much maths is involved?

    The stats required in Psych is relatively easy. All they teach you is enough to understand the basics, and that is only in your last year. The stats they teach you aren't enough for research, but they are enough for an undergrad degree given the fact that most people don't go into academia or...
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    Work or Uni?

    Working full time and doing fulltime uni is a hell of a commitment. Are you sure you want to do that? If you're doing forty hours a week you're not really going to have time to make classes, so you might want to think about external study. However, with external study you usually still have to...
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    Dr Who

    I thought Martha was pretty good. I think the season has potential, in fact, I accidently stumbled across a spoiler elsewhere on the net, so I know it will be good.
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    Transformers - The Movie (2007)

    I seen it today. It's not bad. As long as you realise the story isn't taking itself too seriosuly then you'll be right. Most of the action is pretty good, though the fight between Optimus and Megatron (how can this be a spolier, it's inevitable) doesn't seem as heroic on Prime's part as when he...
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    Last movie you've seen?

    Transformers today, like the nerd I am. I braced for the worst but it wasn't bad. I reckon one scene toward the end let me down a bit (considering I happen to be a fan of the first 20 mins and last 15 mins of the 1986 film) but I won't spoil it. If anyone was a fan of the show as a kid this...
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    Dr Who

    I just watched the Christmas special. It wasn't bad, not as good as the other episodes though. I was a big Rose fan actually, one of my lecturers used to make references to the relationship between rose and the 9th Doctor (Christopher) so we would get completely off topic discussing it...
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    Apparently they helped people get through the Vietnam war. The first three seasons of MASH are the best. Trapper McInytre was far better than BJ Hunnycut. Colonel Blake was great but Potter was annoying. Frank Burns too was fantastic whereas Winchester just bored me really. And of course...
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    Do YoO think this is weird??

    I do think it something other than all right, but weird is not necessarily the word I would use. When I was younger than you some of the girls in my year went out with guys five or so years older (i.e ones out of school). I'm about the same age as those guys are now and looking back at girls...
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    Deserted on a "DUNE"

    Dune has very intricate plot lines so it's probably best to read it yourself instead of relying on quick summaries. As for the movies the original, lame version coverws the plot line sort of but in actuality it is just too convoluted a plot to be covered in a single movie.
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    What do you look for in the opposite sex?

    I have a feeling that this thread has been done before......
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    Good conversation starter to a random girl.

    Do it a couple of times (on different days) and they'll get used to you and then you can strike up random conversation and go from there. As for a starter line, try this.... "Hi."
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    subject help please!!!

    I did both IPT and Legal studies and found the latter more beneficial. However, legal studies is a humanities subject and involves critical thinking, writing essays and so forth. IPT involves bugger all. Legal studies, I believe, is far more rewarding if you are planning on pursuing either an...
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    Help needed with a girl

    Speaking from experience, wisdom and the ladder theory, this will all end in failure, unfortunately. Just realise that she might be a good friend, but a lousy girl friend.
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    help i only need 70UAI

    You might want 70 now but then change your mind later on. Also, just because a UAI is 70 now does not mean it will be so when you finish your HSC. UAI's fluctuate with demand for courses, etc. So, the moral, aim higher just in case.
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    How THICK is your journal?

    I'm a bad influence....my journal was about 25 pages. I did it after I had wrote my major work (at the last minute) and fudged it so it looked like I had spent a whole year doing my major work. Probably not the smartest idea. My classmate had this huge journal with photocopied pages of...
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    to cliche?

    Tulipa is right. And be certain you want a mixed narrative style from the outset. If you write the story in 1st person and try to change to 3rd person (or vice versa) you will find it very difficult and probably have to rewrite entire sections, if not the whole thing. I changed between...
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    to cliche?

    In amongst all that Objects in Space makes some good points. Do some research and try to find some material that will lead you to a satisfying ending. Tom Clancy (the best selling author up until JK Rowling) planned his first novel by saying 'what if the boat of refugees trying to illegally...
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    Why choose law???

    Good question Why did you ask this question is a more important question. Did you decide that law would be a good option for a good career, for the money or because it actually interests you? If it's either of the first two, pick something else that you enjoy. If you think maybe you would...