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  1. mecramarathon

    Raw Marks :)

    Here are some raw external marks, Chemistry Total Mark: 86/100 Total Weighted Mark: 86 Exam: 95 Rank: 25/10325 English Adv Total Mark: 90.17/105 Total Weighted Mark: 95 Exam: 96.2 Rank: 120/27127 Mathematics Ext 1 Total mark: 74/84 Total Weighted Mark: 74 Exam: 96.6 Rank...
  2. mecramarathon

    School certificate vs hsc marks

    Hi peeps just an interesting thought Post your school certificate and hsc marks for comparison skool certificate eng 94 maths 99 science 98 geography 96 history 91 computer 92 hsc eng 96 (woot!) maths ext 1 98 maths ext 2 95 chem 96 phy 94 pretty close i guess :spin:
  3. mecramarathon

    Parents reaction to ATAR?

    lots of hugs and praise yay
  4. mecramarathon

    How do we request raw marks?

    I can't find the old thread so can someone help out?
  5. mecramarathon

    Post your predicted ATARs

    Prediction: > 97 :D Would be interesting if someone can predict their actual ATAR!
  6. mecramarathon

    chem help

    i can't understand this question and answer provided??? (2007 Ind) Consider the silver oxide button cell when 90% of the silver oxide has reacted. Predict the effect on the cell voltage, giving reason for your answer. The cell voltage will remain close to 1.59V. This is because all reactants...
  7. mecramarathon

    if hydrogen has only one electron how does it produce 4 spectral lines?

    when viewing hydrogen u see four spectral lines with a spectroscope (red, green, blue and violet) as electrons move from n = 6 to n = 2, n = 5 to n = 2 etc .... what i don't get is how does one electron produce these four lines? :confused:
  8. mecramarathon

    Ur dream AOS Belonging question?

    What would be the perfect 2010 HSC Belonging question for u? And your guess whether it will be two/one (possibly more than 2?) related text this year? :wave:
  9. mecramarathon

    amphiprotic anihilation!

    how do you answer this? Borate ions assist in buffering seawater at a pH of about 8 in the following equilibrium H<SUB>3</SUB>BO<SUB>3</SUB> + H<SUB>2</SUB>O < -> H<SUB>2</SUB>BO<SUB>3</SUB><SUP>−</SUP> + H<SUB>3</SUB>O<SUP>+</SUP> <SUP></SUP> <SUP>Which of the two species above are...
  10. mecramarathon

    how do u study Hamlet!?

    i find this module the most broadest and certainly vague past trial questions range from a specific question like deception or loyalty or role of women how have critical receptions changed over time how important is context to Hamlet choose a specific scene and write about how your...
  11. mecramarathon

    quick question for inverse

    how do you differentiate cos<SUP>-1 2</SUP>√x i.e. inverse cos of 2 root x cheers
  12. mecramarathon

    past hsc chem q help!

    Graaahhh this was in the 2009 HSC chem, can anyone plz explain to me how to do this!? :angry::cry: The nitrogen content of bread was determined using the following procedure: A sample of bread weighing 2.80 g was analysed. The nitrogen in the sample was converted into ammonia. The...
  13. mecramarathon

    How'd u answer this!?

    Aqueous solutions of SO*2 and HCL were prepared and the pH of each solution measured. Solution of SO*2 Volume of gas at 25 degrees and 100kPa 2.48 L Volume of solution 1 L PH 1.43 Solution of HCl Volume of gas at 25 degrees and 100kPa 0.49 Volume of solution 2 L pH 2.00 Q: calculate...
  14. mecramarathon

    Help ....

    The heat of combustion for ethanol is 1367 Kj/mol. Calculate the energy produced per tonne of carbon dixiode from the combustion of ethanol. The pH of a 0.1 mol/L solution of a monoprotic acid was measured by a student and found to be close to 3. What proportion of the acid molecules remains...
  15. mecramarathon

    pH question ...... //@.<)

    I can't seem to get the answer of pH 1.48 200mL of 0.1 mol/L NaOH is added to 100mL of 0.15 mol/L H*2SO*4. Assuming complete ionisation of the acid, the rseulting pH of thes olution is? cheers to the person who can explain this with equations! :angel:
  16. mecramarathon

    Paranoid Polynomial Problem

    How the heck do you solve this? A polynomial Q(x) = x^4 + px^3 + qx^2 - 5x + 1 has a zero at x = 1. When Q(X) is divided by x^2 + 2 it has a remainder of 1 - 7x. Find p and q. :) if u solve it
  17. mecramarathon

    Experiment Help! >.<//

    What experiment could you carry out in the laboratory to determine the solubility of copper II sulfate in grams per 100 mL of water using room temperature, 50 c and 80 c ?
  18. mecramarathon

    conflicting solutions to this q

    how do you integrate by substitution the following q? x√(1-x) dx ? i get conflicting answers from fitzpatrick and cambridge! (in terms of positive and negative signs) thnx:jump:
  19. mecramarathon

    Volunteer Work?

    Felt like doing volunteer work for holidays :o Has anyone done a particular volunteer job that was worth it? What was it? How'd you get it? Cheers
  20. mecramarathon

    Gravitation Potential Energy help

    I have this stupid Q to do for physics Q: Would a massive planet have a higher or lower gravitation potential energy compared to Earth? My reasoning was: it depends because wouldn't a massive planet with a mass of 2m and a radius of 2r still have the same GPE value compared to earth with a...