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    Science Fiction texts?

    Michael Crichton's novels have great science fiction stories (he passed away....:( only a few weeks ago). He wrote the classic story "Jurassic Park" which led to one of the top selling films of all time and sparked a huge scientific debate about whether it was possible to clone dinosaurs from...
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    Area Of Study 2009-2012: 'belonging'

    Recently, the new Area of Study has been announced as Belonging. It will be implemented in 2009, five years after 'The Journey' Area of Study was introduced. So far, there seems to be no evident focus areas for this Area of Study whereas in The Journey there was Physical, Imaginative and Inner...
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    WTF?? standard scales better then advanced english?

    Most of you are misinformed. English (Standard) and English (Advanced) scale equally. A detailed explanation of the result in SAM that makes it appear not to be the case is below: RAW MARKS, ALIGNED MARKS AND SCALED MARKS First of all we must distinguish between raw marks, aligned marks and...
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    If you are in year 11, read this first.

    You can't just understand the general concept, you have to understand the entire concept, back to front, roots and all. It may also help to have strong Extension 1 knowledge and deep understanding of where everything comes from. The thing about Extension 2 is that most people can hardly get away...
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    y dont they ever reveal raw marks?

    There is the political reason of censorship (as described above) and also that raw marks are basically meaningless to us in terms of mapping out abilities because they vary according to the difficulty of an exam. Aligning is done to ensure standards are comparable between years. In other words...
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    When do they start marking?

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    Scaling... how does it work??

    You are describing the standards setting process in aligning. This is done by the Board of Studies. Do not confuse scaling with aligning. They are two different things. Your raw mark is aligned by the Board of Studies which becomes the marks you see on your certificate. Your raw mark is also...
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    Top Schools of 2006

    With the release of the HSC results not too far away, it's time to place your bets on which schools dominated this year. Would James Ruse Agricultural High School remain at the top for the 10th consecutive year? Or will another school claim the top spot for the first time? How will your school...
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    General Thoughts: English SC

    Re: English SC What were your two writing tasks?
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    English Techniques

    I think you're a bit inaccurate with this one. A connotation is NOT the word itself, it is the additional or secondary MEANING associated with a word. Therefore, it is more of an effect of a technique rather than a technique on its own.
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    Creative writing-format this year?

    It is highly unlikely that the text type would be one which requires extensive thought such as a poem. On the other hand it is also highly unlikely you'll be asked to write in a text type which is typically short such as a letter to the editor. The people who prepare the HSC exams are not...
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    Maths scaling

    It seems that some people here are misinformed. Unlike English (Advanced) and English (Standard) which share 40% common content, General Mathematics and Mathematics do NOT scale equally. There is NO mark cut-off such that a mark below that cut-off will be scaled down and a mark above that...
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    Will marks be deducted...

    While it is ideal to respond with a bare minimum and still get full marks, if you have doubts over whether your succinct response would get full marks then contrary to what others believe, I would probably recommend that you write as much relevent information as you can when answering a...
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    Will marks be deducted...

    No, as long as they are correct you will score the mark. However, if you write something extra that is incorrect or contradicting then that cancels out your correct answer.
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    Is life a journey?

    Perhaps you didn't make direct references to indicate this life was a journey. (e.g. obstacles, challenges, learning etc) Anyone can write about someone's life and call it a journey. You probably need to be more explicit and specific instead of saying here is someone's life and expect markers to...
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    English Advanced & Standard

    It should be equally as difficult to achieve a certain band for English (Standard) compared to English (Advanced). DO NOT BE FOOLED by assuming that a low percentage of students achieving higher bands in English (Standard) is a result of it being difficult to obtain. The low percentage is a...
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    is it possible?

    According to his curriculum vitae he came equal first in 4 unit Mathematics. That means if he scored full marks, then in that year someone else did as well. According to the Board of Studies archives the other person was Alison Elizabeth Parker from Meriden School.
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    is it possible?

    You don't have to get full marks in every assessment to get 100 for your final HSC mark. If your rank is 1st internally (regardless of whatever mark it is) and you score 120/120 in the HSC external exam then you end up with 100 for your HSC exam mark and 100 for your moderated assessment mark...
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    Need Helppppppp

    These questions often require a personal reflection on the texts and the way they communicate the idea of the journey to you. For the question you mentioned, you should select one or more (of required) texts and analyse them with mention of techniques and their examples and relate it to how well...
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    is it possible?

    It has happened before. Over a decade ago someone scored full marks in the course (rumour has it this person even had enough time to write alternate solutions for some questions but I can't confirm that) and this achievement hasn't been matched ever since...