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    University of Melbourne - Residential Colleges

    literally nothing I'm afraid hahah. Although I was non-res last semester and I lived at UniLodge - which was disgusting, my bike got stolen and there were bugs everywhere and every 5 minutes the shower was broken. I heard that student village, where a friend of mine did stay, is a lot nicer...
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    University of Melbourne - Residential Colleges

    Hi, I go to University College and I can offer you some advice. If you want some stereotypes: Trinity/Ormond College: Extremely competitive to get into. Hands down the best facilities out of all of the colleges - Ormond in particular. Both these colleges are massive! Ormond in particular -...
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    Submitting to raw marks database

    Hey sorry, but I was too tempted and bought another paper back. For Ancient History Pompeii and Herculaneum- 24/25 Greece in the time of Pericles- 23/25 Agrippina the Younger- 21.5/25 Augustus - 23.5/25 Overall 92 - aligned to 95 exam mark Hope this helps the database!
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    Melbourne University Colleges

    Hi, I know this has been discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone had any current information on the colleges at Melbourne Uni, what the atmosphere of each on is like and such :) Thanks so much!
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    I got 88th percentile and no offer is there any chance of an offer in the second round or no?
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    Submitting to raw marks database

    English Advanced Section 1 - 15/15 Section 2- 11.5/15 Section 3 - 14.5/15 Module A - 16/20 Module B - 15/20 Module C- 16.5/20 Raw exam mark - 84 = 92 exam mark PDHPE Multis - 18/20 Core - 38/40 Options (bombed) - 33.5/40 Raw Exam mark - 90 = 95 exam mark Modern WW1 - 23/25 Germany - 24.5/25...
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    UMAT Studying

    I did Medentry this year and the cartoon question for section 2 did appear in one of their practice exams. The one about the husband putting wallpaper on the wall
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    Adelaide Second Round Medicine Interviews

    UQ Guaranteed pathway to medicine is what I'm hoping for at the moment. Love the sound of UQ as a uni and would be insanely happy to end up there. I was just hoping for a potential Adelaide interview as "another hope" i guess hahaha. The more places you get interview offers the better right? :)
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    Adelaide Second Round Medicine Interviews

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if anyone would have any information on what UMAT and ATAR would put someone in chance of an interview offer for the uni of Adelaide medicine course? I am from interstate and obtained a UMAT of 88 and an ATAR of 99.15, I was just curious as to wether there was...
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    So is a total UMAT of 178 borderline for UQ bonded? I thought it was rather likely as the cut-off for bonded offers in 2014 was 169ish. Also, as my Section 1 was quite average (58) does that put me at a disadvantage? Thanks for your help
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    Students who achieved an ATAR of 85+, what did you do differently?

    With me, it was all about a continual effort over the course of the year. I made it my goal to do at least 2 english practice essays per week - under timed conditions in the lead up to the exams. Pester the hell out of your teachers, if they dont sigh when they see you walk up to them - youre...
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    quite happy hahahaha I was so worried I wouldnt get the ATAR! Been working hard to earn some cash at the moment :) gonna head off skiing next week. All in all its been a tough but really worthwhile year :P Cant wait for uni to start meeting new people and studying science :D
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    I would love an offer from UNSW but i doubt thats happening unless they think i have a sparkling personality hahaha. I also wouldnt mind Adelaide but i heard its quite difficult for interstaters to get in? Otherwise, my UMAT is too low for Western Sydney and ive been told my section 1 is highly...
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    Thanks so much!!! Hahah tbh I wouldnt even mind a bonded offer! I would still be ecstatic :) thanks for your help
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    Hey Guys! I just completed HSC this year with an ATAR of 99.15 (OP 1 equivalent). I was just wondering if anyone had any information as to whether this score- with my UMAT mark of 88 (58, 54, 66), - was enough to receive an offer to UQ guaranteed medical pathway - bonded or unbonded...
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    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    99.15 :D so happy with no good scaling subjects!!!! Fingers crossed for UQ guaranteed med!!! Made my goal of 99+ :)))
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    Pretty disappointed with PDH :( Really hoped to ace that exam. But ok with everything else. Ancient: 95 English Advanced: 93 Modern: 96 Math 2U: 94 PDH: 95 History Ext.: 46
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    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    When it says "HSC mark" does that refer to our raw mark or aligned mark?
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    2016 UNSW Interview Offers

    Offer: Yes UMAT: 88th percentile- score of 179 Predicted ATAR: 99.20 Local School leaver No special consideration Judging by the rest of your results I clearly must be one of the lowest applicants. Best of luck to all of you! Smash the interview!
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    General Thoughts: History Extension

    Do the options align differently? If so, how does JFK align compared to others? Or is it difficult to judge?