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  1. beccabum

    NSW Central Coast

    Hi, just wondering what there is around the Central Coast, specifically around Wyong/The Entrance/Tuggerah/Terrigal probably - what are some things to do, nice beaches to go to, other things to see etc. I'll be going there in late September for between 3 and 5 days (unsure as yet). Thanks for...
  2. beccabum

    Whats your major?

    as the title says. i'm only starting my degree this year, but i'm hoping to do european studies - i'll just see if i like it. i only know that i want to do language(s) and this seems like the best option. plus europe is awesome :)
  3. beccabum

    Dumb things you've done on P's

    The stupid things you do don't stop once you switch from Ls to Ps. If anything, I reckon you get worse (or at least i did..) So, in the tradition of the "Dumb things you've done on L's" thread, spill about all those things you wish you'd rather forget. Or are quite proud to brag about. For...
  4. beccabum

    Travelling in your Gap Year

    just wondering if anyone else out there is taking a gap year between high school and uni? What are your plans if you are travelling? i have been thinking of getting a round the world ticket and go to Bali, Vietnam, Japan, Europe and the UK. aiming to go sept for 3-4 months, once i have some...
  5. beccabum


    hi there just wondering if anyone does the BA/BSc double degree? i was thinking of doing it with majors in human geography and french and i'm undecided in what else. i have a few questions: it is a big workload? what majors do you do? what are they like? is it possible to have the sci...