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    First Year Law Camp

    Hello, Is there anyone willing to share camp experiences? General activities, whether its dangerous and if its worth it to go? Thankyou
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    Why is MAQ given so much shit

    I recieved a GLEP offer for comm/law at MAQ Been doing some 'research' (so procrastinating on BOS) There are comments like jobs being non-existent for MAQ students, students wanting to transfer from MAQ to UNSW or USYD (especially for comm/law i've noticed) It's treated like the senior science...
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    Need help choosing a humanities degree

    Hey guys, i'm a year 12 student. I know i want to do a more humanities social science type degree but i dunno which one Considering -> Law -> Social Science -> Communications -> Social Work -> Education -> Psychology -> Taking suggestions. I know it's too early to consider this but i...
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    What is a scaled mark im confused help

    If you get a scaled mark of 88 in physics is that the same as a scaled mark of 88 in ipt does that mean if i get 88 in all subjects x 5 = 440, the estimated atar would be around 97ish in reference to the table i attached and I CAN DROP PHYSICS
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    what is the mark you get in the text?

    Hello, i did an accelerated IPT course this year and got a mark of 88 ( in the text) I didn't get an atar as i have only done one hsc course and am going to do all my other units next year So im really confused what the 88 means. Is it the scaled mark or the aligned mark or ....? What does...
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    the forms question

    what's up with the forms features question? i did like features of online forms allowing it to be automated etc.
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    Christmas job

    To save up $600 for camp the following year im planning to take on a part time job in the school holidays A few questions: Will people employ me to only work the four weeks of school holidays and not the public holidays? Do i tell my employer that i'm going to quit after the holidays or do i...
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    Am I missing out on life?Things to do before leaving highschool

    Hello, I am nearing the end of year 10 and i guess it has just occurred to me that i may be missing out on life? I have completed Bronze Duke of Ed, and upon meeting some people at the test camp who are not from my school, it made me start questioning if I was missing out on what most teenagers...
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    To legal, to IPT or to physics, that is the question

    I'm in year 10, choosing subjects for next year At my school we are only allowed 13 units My current subjects are 3U math Advanced English Modern History IPT Economics Physics Problem is, I really want to do Legal as i want to do law in uni and it sounds fun Only things I can switch it with are...
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    three unit math

    Hey guys, i heard that you needed a certain math grade in year 10 to be able to do a certain unit of math. Does anyone know how high a mark you need to do 3 unit. Estimate is fine within 10% Thankyou
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    HSC Scaling

    Hello, i'm actually not doing the HSC this year but i was just wondering generally what subjects get scaled down and up. Mostly interested in Visual Arts, Legal Studies, Business Studies and Economics,history , Math Extension 1, IST, Geography, English (general) but others would be helpful too...
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    Kurt Entrance Exam

    Hello, I'm taking the kurt mathematics centre entrance exam soon and i'm in year 10, just wondering what content i should revise before then. Thankyou!!