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    2nd Round Offers for Medicine

    Hey BoS...been a while since I posted on this thing. Anyway So I sat an interview and the PQA for JMP in December (ATAR 98 UMAT 76 59-58-50), however unfortunately did not receive any offers in the main round. Now in my correspondence I was told others were more competitive and I'll be...
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    Parametric vector forms of planes

    I need some help converting cartesian forms of planes into vector forms. In changing, for example, 4x-3y+6z=12, into parametric vector form I have no problem. However, I can't do it when I have something such as: y+6z=-1, or z=2 can someone help me out?
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    yasminee96's raw marks Adv English and Physics

    English Advanced Paper 1: Section 1 - 15/15 Section 2 - 11/15 Section 3 (Great Expectations) - 14/15 Paper 2: Module A (Donne & W;t) - 16.5/20 (had NO idea they gave half marks lol) Module B (Hamlet) - 15/20 Module C (The Justice Game) - 14/20 lololol Total Raw Mark= 89/100...
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    Advice for timetable :(

    This^ is my timetable. I'm pretty much fine with most days - i'll deal with them - but i'm having a great dilemma with my tuesday. Not only do I not get a break, but my BABS lab is all the way on bio sciences, and then immediately after i have a chem lecture back down in law. So...
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    MATH1131 or MATH1141?

    I had a combined score of 184 for MX1 and MX2. Is MATH1141 considerably harder or are there just a few extra topics? What benefits would MATH1141 have on my GPA/WAM (gunna try transferring to med so need to boost GPA)(also don't know difference between GPA and WAM lol)? Would it be easier to...
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    Cut off for BOpt/BSci at UNSW?

    I've just received my 2013 ATAR and received my UMAT a while ago. Just curious now, does anyone here know anyone who got in to BOpt/Bsci at UNSW and what their results were? Or perhaps anyone here who got in themselves? It'd be really nice to have a good idea as to whether or not I may...
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    If anyone has a copy of the multiple choice or Options, do post :) !
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    Question from 9.1 in syllabus

    As i was going through the skills section of the Physics HSC syllabus, I came across one dot point that I would be absolutely screwed for if it came up tomorrow. "12.3 gather information from secondary sources by: e) identifying practising male and female Australian scientists, and the...
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    Pencil in Science Exams?

    I know that on the cover of past HSC Papers it says Diagrams are to be drawn in pencil, however considering this year's exams are to be scanned, wouldn't that mean that there are high chances that your diagram won't show up after being scanned? :/ Also, should labelling and titles be done in...
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    ATAR prediction please? :)

    School rank - last year 95 or 97 I believe Bio - 6/42 physics - 4/40 english - 4/40 MX2 - 5/5 HSC 2012 MX1 scored - 47/50 thank you! :)
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    ATAR estimate for a friend :)

    School rank > 600 adv maths 7/12 legal 5/12 physics 2/8 chemistry 5/8 standard english ~ 4/17 I know there's not much hope, but my friend needs advice on what to put as preferences... any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
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    Overweighted Exams?

    Not too long ago, we had an exam (for a science subject i won't name), and it was purely based on about 1-4 syllabus dot points, that cover the same basic topic. The exam altogether was out of 45 (25 marks dedicated to a model, 20 dedicated to 5 questions). The problem here is that this exam...
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    What should be my control experiment?!?

    For the dotpoint on the effect of environment on phenotype, my experiment is that i would grow hydrangeas in both acidic and alkaline soil, and see the difference it makes. Seems prettty straight forward however i have no idea as to what i should make the control? I need to remove the...
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    help with T3.8 - enantiostasis

    Okay, this dotpoint is going to make me lose it -_- the dotpoint asks me to "discuss its importance to estuarine organisms blah blah" how exactly do i discuss this? in every resource on BOS, people seemed to just give examples of osmoconformers and osmoregulators and how they use...
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    What ranks do i need to ensure an ATAR above 97...?

    Title says it all. subjects - number of people : MX2 - 7 Eng adv - 40 Chemistry - around 40ish Biology - around 40-50 Physics - 34 Thanks :) EDIT : School rank 90-100