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  1. Deltan

    How well can uni detect plagiarism?

    not that i plan to anything of this sort, Is submitting your work online electronically a scare tactic or can they really detect plagiarism with high accuracy? Has anyone gotten away with it?
  2. Deltan

    Do you necessarily need over 50% in all your assessments to pass a subject?

    I know some subjects require you to pass the final exam and then your cumulative mark after but does anyone know, say you pass ur final exam but your average raw mark is below 50, do uni scale them up so you end up just passing?
  3. Deltan

    Degrassi anyone?

    anyone here a degrassi fan? too bad they dont show it on tv anymore well i just finished watching season 7, and now starting season 8 =)
  4. Deltan

    What headphones do you have?

    i've had sony headphones but they keep having problems with the sound not working in one earbud and plus they weren't that great quality. i recently bough logitech wireless but then i had to exchange it two times since they had connection issues and now i have a brand new phillip =)
  5. Deltan

    How does one prepare for UMAT?

    I'm planning to take UMAT this year, (for possible entry into dent/optom) besides going to prep courses how can you improve your umat score? i know several ppl who have achieved uai 99+ but failed the umat, does one require alot of practice? should you work on logic skills?
  6. Deltan

    How many of you have applied for pharmacy? (need advice)

    Just wanted to know how popular this course will be this for 09 considering that last yr was such a low-cut off that it may persuade ppl to think that the course is easy to get into and thus it will increase to like 96+ i have trouble whether i shud do pharm or comm/engineering at UNSW ( i...
  7. Deltan

    subjects u did which didnt count, did u regret doing it?

    i only did 10 units so every subject was important. lol Did anyone feel they wasted on a subject which wasnt included in uai calculation?
  8. Deltan

    Which uni will you be going and what course?

    Which uni will you be going and what course? (post ur UAI-edited) i know cut-offs for courses hasnt been released yet but just to see what ppl are deciding after they find out their results, well i'm set for B commerce/B engineering at UNSW or possibly pharm at usyd , if i make the...
  9. Deltan

    HSC Plus bonus points

    Hi i am planning to do commerce next year, (uai cut off was 95.20 last yr) If my uai is 92 and i receieve 4 bonus points, does this mean i'm guaranteed to get into the course? With the HSC plus scheme, doesnt this make it more competitive with others receiving bonus points and so not...
  10. Deltan

    How well did u go for first HSC assessments?

    I just had english today, think i did alrite though problem i always have with english is that i don't have enough time lol My other exams are still on this week *sigh*
  11. Deltan

    Are you falling behind in a subject?

    I am, particularly physics, hate the electric circuits stuff lol
  12. Deltan

    how to startup without login menu???!!!

    Hi, how do i startup my comp without the annoying login menu? I'm the only one using the computer. Where do i go to disable this thing as my other 2 computers don't have this. I greatly appreciate your help. Thanx
  13. Deltan

    How tough is it doing all 3 science subjects???!

    Hi guys, next year i will be studying physics, chemistry and biology and would like some advice from other students who may also be doing 3 or perhaps 2 science subjects as well on what to expect. Is doing all 3 difficult to manage? I heard that it would be very hard but would be very rewarding...