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  1. cosmo 2

    Will my faked log book hours look dodgy?

    yes you will go to jail
  2. cosmo 2

    Crushing ice blender ?

  3. cosmo 2

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    can of tinned tomatoes 65c
  4. cosmo 2

    Melbourne's CBD has been evacuated

    my balls have been evacuated of cum
  5. cosmo 2


    people dive into the street as i play with my meat
  6. cosmo 2

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    mario bros
  7. cosmo 2

    UCAT replacing UMAT

    im too dum
  8. cosmo 2

    Selective schools debate

    Donkey Kong Country
  9. cosmo 2

    Selective schools debate

  10. cosmo 2

    New NSW teachers to require a credit average, 'superior' intelligence

    sticking talented people in teaching roles is mostly a waste of their talent anyway its not like you need to be a genius to teach well ppl love bleating on about declining educational standards and whatever but reality is things are basically fine, we have too many educated ppl, not too few...
  11. cosmo 2

    New NSW teachers to require a credit average, 'superior' intelligence

    this is meaningless until they reveal what test or tests are being used here "psychometric tests" in australian vocational contexts usually refe to personality batteries, which are crap predictors bc they're so easy to lie on
  12. cosmo 2

    Engineering for a shy guy?

  13. cosmo 2

    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    this is good advice, listen to this guy
  14. cosmo 2

    Should I do a PR degree?

    r u hot