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  1. janaranaran!

    Help on International Global Studies/Law at USYD

    10k, Usyd's not so much better than UNSW to warrant giving up that surely?
  2. janaranaran!

    Clerical Recheck- Chance of Worse Mark??

    Re: Question about remarks thanks rafy :)
  3. janaranaran!

    Help on International Global Studies/Law at USYD

    i have the arts handbook right here, one of the majors for B int and global studies at sydney is international business. I'm planning on doing that degree, and even though it's 'new' most of the subjects wouldn't be I imagine because it's a combination of two older courses, b int studies and b...
  4. janaranaran!

    Who had very big gaps between int.& ext marks?

    there's a thread about this floating around in new posts
  5. janaranaran!

    Clerical Recheck- Chance of Worse Mark??

    Re: Question about remarks it's cheaper than i expected. i wonder how many people actually do it?
  6. janaranaran!

    Who had very big gaps between int.& ext marks?

    i topped my classes so the assessment marks they put down are all the same as my exam marks
  7. janaranaran!

    Class of 2008 - Major Work Marks? Happy? Annoyed?

    42/50 i thought it was pretty crap, maybe they gave me marks for effort lol
  8. janaranaran!

    Difference between HSC and trial marks??

    TRIALS HSC Eng 98 91 EE1 50 43 Maths 91 91 Maths ext 1 75 76 Art 98 89 modern history 99 93 Hist Ext 47 45 so annoyed for going downhill after trials :(
  9. janaranaran!

    Just A Little Advice To High Achievers

    I got 38 in maths ext 1 and 42 in Eng ext 2, and they counted towards my uai where my 89 in art didnt. i was convinced my maths ext wouldn't count so i didn't study for it. DAMN STUPID WOMAN!! EDIT: and DAMN STUPID HUNDREDS OF HOURS SPENT MAKING A FREAKING BODY OF WORK!!!
  10. janaranaran!

    Which uni will you be going and what course?

    B International and Global studies at Sydney
  11. janaranaran!

    High-Waisted Skirts??

    i don't mind them, but I prefer dresses - you're already half the way up, why not go all the way
  12. janaranaran!

    School Leavers Scholarships

    oh man I'm so excited - i got a letter yesterday from sydney saying i was one of 31 out of 600 applicants to the faculty of arts to be offered a scholarship! 10 of the 31 get merit scholarships, but I'm one of the 21 to get a one off entry one but I'm still over the moon! makes me feel a bit...
  13. janaranaran!

    Twilight movie

    I haven't read the books but I really enjoyed it - robert pattinson definitely had a lot to do with it, as well as being in an almost empty, quiet cinema. Judging it for pure entertainment value as opposed to critquing it, I was never disengaged. My main problem was kristen stewarts acting is...
  14. janaranaran!


    i can't get einstein to work, there was a reason but I forget. where do you get JUAI, I never really bothered to find out
  15. janaranaran!


    i haven't been able open boredofstudies.org since 6 this morning. I'm assuming all the 08'ers are itching to use SAM like I am - am I going to be able to use it at all today?
  16. janaranaran!

    Visual Art Students! Who did you pick 4 your essay artists?

    I'm doing Lee Bul, Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas But I'll have some other people up my sleeve PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT POSTMODERNISM. PLEASE
  17. janaranaran!

    How Have You Changed?

    I exceeded my expectations in some respects, and fell short in others. last few weeks I've developed deeper feelings of empathy, which is something I always felt I didn't have enough of. I've discovered how important God is to me
  18. janaranaran!

    Extension 2 dance

    LOLOLOLOLOL ....olol
  19. janaranaran!

    German teacher strips in front of students at party

    I watched the video. Even if they weren't your students, why would you do that? How embarrassing