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  1. BLIT2014

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Hows everyone going?
  2. BLIT2014

    2 Units of English

    Depends on the scaling of your subjects. But it is possible for Advanced English not to count.
  3. BLIT2014

    HSC Study

    For Maths try doing questions from past papers/topic tests, bearing in mind the syllabus has changed slightly recently.
  4. BLIT2014


    I mean if your analysis was good, I don't think you would be penalised much/at all.
  5. BLIT2014

    HSC Study

    Base/structure your notes around the dot points to try and ensure you are covering all the content. Also with science, make sure you hand in practice responses to your teachers so you know you are formulating a correct response to "assess" questions etc.
  6. BLIT2014

    Should I take standard maths instead of advance maths?

    Suggest you keep Advanced. You will need it for econometric units.
  7. BLIT2014

    !!!!urgent help needed on moving schools

    Why do you want to move from your current school?
  8. BLIT2014

    Should I take standard maths instead of advance maths?

    Honestly, you would be better to keep doing Advanced Mathematics. Bridging courses are only a couple of weeks, whilst you have more time at school to grasp the material. Maybe take 12 units in HSC, and even though you should study for the subject, its not the end of the world if it does not...
  9. BLIT2014

    HSC Study

    Doing past papers and making notes based on the syllabus. What subjects are you doing?
  10. BLIT2014

    help for subject choices

    I mean if your school typically has 50% of the cohort getting band 6s in Business, and the highest mark in Economics was traditionally a band 4, then it might suggest that the student would be better of doing business studies well, and would get a higher ATAR as a result. Scaling is great if you...
  11. BLIT2014

    help for subject choices

    What do you want to do in the future?
  12. BLIT2014

    help for subject choices

    Have you looked at the syllabus/notes of Business Studies and Economics? Consider teacher quality, how your school traditionally performs, and cohort who are considering doing the subject.
  13. BLIT2014

    Help with PIP ideas...

    Could you focus on a certain type of celebrity? Possibly narrow it down by time period, e.g 1950s or perhaps by country. Or maybe by "career' of said celebrity? I'd recommend you ask your teacher, as at the end of the day she/he will be signing off on it, and marking it.
  14. BLIT2014

    Left before supervisor signed blue sheet HELP

    You should be fine.
  15. BLIT2014

    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    I'm sure you will be fine Mate. Seems good choice of topic.
  16. BLIT2014

    My school forces us to keep 12 units until trial if you do 4u maths

    You need to have 4 different subjects to get your HSC certificate so this is probably why they are forcing you to do it.
  17. BLIT2014

    Good luck to all sitting their first HSC exam tomorrow!

    Best wishes from everyone here at BOS for your HSC exams 2019!
  18. BLIT2014

    Help a fellow yr10

    Might be quicker to hand make it with cardboard/paper?
  19. BLIT2014

    Urgent please read

    Please keep on topic.