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    handwriting help :,)

    my legal studies teacher came up to me and said that while marking my practice essay she found that my handwriting was very much illegible at times (she's going to talk to me about it in class), and i've gotten the same comment from multiple teachers on multiple exams before. the thing is, i...
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    what to drop?

    we got a few exam results back and although most were good, french continuers was pretty bad. i got 13/15 in writing, but only 15/25 in listening, which is easily my weakest area. the exam also weighed 40%, which means even if i full mark the rest of the assessments i won't be getting a very...
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    how much would ranking matter in this case?

    in both my french continuers and extension classes, we have 3 people. the other two people in the class are quite good at the subject, so even if i can get a good mark on its own, i don't think i'll be able to rank above them. in such a small class, would ranking last matter (particularly as all...
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    extension french?

    with french this year, rather than running a beginners course as well as continuers, the school put three of us beginners into the continuers course and basically said 'just work hard and you'll be fine' - which has worked for me, since i came second in the last assessment. i would like to do...
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    legal vs modern history for year 11!

    we've submitted our subjects for year 11, but turns out my lines clashed, so i need to pick another subject. my reserves were modern history and legal studies, and both of them work. however, i'm not sure which one to choose. either way, i'll be dropping either halfway through or at the end of...