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    can you withdraw after enrolling in classes?

    hi guys, I just accepted my place at unsw while I wait to do the usyd mooc exam. the exam is on the 28th of january so I'm worried that if I put off enrolling in classes at unsw and fail the mooc or don't get a spot at usyd, ill be left with the dregs of the classes available. can you withdraw...
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    USYD eligibility

    Hi guys, I got an E12 offer for BSc earlier this year but received 69 instead of 70 for maths and therefore failed to meet the maths prerequisite. On my uac application however the status of my usyd preference says that I'm competing with others for an offer rather than that I'm ineligible...
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    Maths band 4

    does anyone have any idea as to what raw marks would get you a band 4 in maths advanced? I got an e12 offer and I need the perquisite for usyd science but im sitting on an internal rank of 41/59 :oops::oops::oops: if someone would be able to roughly let me know that would be great :) thanks!!
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    estimate and maths 2U results

    What sort of marks do you need to get a band 4 in 2U maths? My internal marks aren't the best (lucky its my 12th unit lol) but I've only kept it as a subject to get into science at usyd. My marks in each task this year were 96%, 50% and 68% and I just bombed the trial by not being able to even...