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  1. BLIT2014

    Masks to be compulsory during HSC exams

    Hi BOS 2021 cohort, Not sure if everyone is aware but masks are now compulsory for individuals sitting HSC exams.s
  2. BLIT2014

    AFL Grand Final 25th September discussion thread 2021

    Demons versus the Bulldogs! Starts at 7.15pm
  3. BLIT2014

    Creating a will

    Okay, so I am getting to a time in my life where I have sufficient assets and minimal debts, so would like to create a legally binding will so my assets get allocated to the appropriate charities/individuals. Don't have self-managed superannuation, and circumstances are not complex. I have...
  4. BLIT2014

    BOSers hobbies Q&A

    Hi all, Trying to find a new hobby any suggestions please feel free to post below :)
  5. BLIT2014

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Good luck for the 2020 :bosman: cohort. If you have any questions, concerns, worries feel free to post here. As a cohort, you have all had a challenging year and I am proud of what you have managed to achieve this year despite the challenges. HSC results release is 18 December 2020 from...
  6. BLIT2014

    Vienna shooting: four dead, including 'Islamist terrorist', in Austria attack

    "Police say three civilians died in attack by a ‘radicalised person’ and there may be more perpetrators at large after shootings across six locations". Three people have died in the Vienna attacks on Monday night, including two civilians and one attacker. At least one gunman remained on the...
  7. BLIT2014

    HSC Standard English Paper 2 Thoughts

    For the exam on Wednesday 21st October 2020. Good luck with the exam tomorrow Class of 2020 (all 31,347 of you), on behalf of us all on BOS! Share your thoughts here on how you found it.
  8. BLIT2014

    Goodluck for your 2020 HSC Exams!

    On behalf of everyone on BOS I wish all of you all the best for your exams! BOS 2020 Cohort you've got this!
  9. BLIT2014

    Macquarie University to slash up to 30 courses over lack of students

    " Courses at Macquarie University will soon have to meet a viability score and efficiency metric to survive, as the university prepares a raft of reforms to make it smaller and more financially sustainable. It could see more than 30 science and engineering courses slashed, including the...
  10. BLIT2014

    MQ S1 2020 Results

    Feel free to post here :)
  11. BLIT2014

    Changes to Employment related definitions such as Participation due to Covid-19 (Re:ABS)

    "People not working any hours, including those who were stood down: it depends on their job attachment and pay, and potentially other labour market activity". Please refer to :
  12. BLIT2014

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    The symptoms of coronavirus include: Fever Cough Shortness of breath; and Breathing difficulties If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.
  13. BLIT2014

    Internships/Vacationships 2019/2020

    Hi everyone, Summar Internships are opening soon for Banks and Accounting firms soon. I encourage everyone to post openinges and ask questions about the application process here.
  14. BLIT2014

    Australian Fires 2019/2020

    Please keep safe, and listen to instructions. Where to keep up-to-date with information in relation to fires
  15. BLIT2014

    Macquarie University 2020 Questions and Answer Thread

    Hi welcome to all new Macquarians, or to those who are still considering feel free to post here. Best wishes, Blit :)
  16. BLIT2014

    Good luck to all sitting their first HSC exam tomorrow!

    Best wishes from everyone here at BOS for your HSC exams 2019!
  17. BLIT2014

    Recommendations for computer monitors.

    Mainly looking to use it for Excel and low-level gaming/ movie watching.
  18. BLIT2014

    Federal Election May 18

    Who are people planning to vote for? Has anyone voted already?
  19. BLIT2014

    Uni contingent to school strike for climate change Universities contingents are meeting at 11.30am at the Queen Victoria Building (Next to the Statute) then marching to join School Strike 4 Cliimate Change at Townhall. Macquarie, UTS and USYD students and staff will not be penalised in...
  20. BLIT2014

    George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual assault

    * Vatican treasurer convicted on five charges in Australian court case * Straight to gaol as bail application is withdrawn * Holy See "Cardinal will remain Cardinal until the appeal is heard * Pell maintains innocence * Scott Morrison (PM) willing to revoke OA of Pell * Carlton Football Club...