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    Highlighting your own quotes for english - which colour?

    One of my teachers recommended that we highlight our quotes points in essays, so it's easier for the marker to read. Does anyone know which colours show up on the scanners for the HSC? I'm guessing yellow won't work, but maybe pink or orange?
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    E12 email -- confirmed conditional offer?

    Hey did anyone else get this email for E12 and if it means you've been accepted for an conditional offer? The wording of the email is a bit ambiguous as to whether they've just evaluated it and will accept/reject you later or if you've been successful and will receive an offer on the 12th...
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    Multiple choice help

    How to do?
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    Treatment vs management technologies

    Hey biologist -- I just received my trials back and am a bit confused about this question. I got a 0 and wrote about kidney transplants, but my teacher said that's not a technology (?) and is in fact a treatment for renal failure, not a technology used to manage it. Is that correct, or do I have...
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    Is a case study (country) essay optional?

    If the case study is a short answer, then you have to do it, and it won't be an essay option. If it is an essay option, it will only be one of the options, never both in the same question, right? So that means you can choose to only study the case study for a short answer length, but are...
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    Should you treat the marker as an expert or a novice?

    When writing an essay/short answer, should you define everything and explain how it works or would you assume that the markers know what it is? And would you change it for different verbs? eg: explain vs compare For example in eco would you say 1) Economies of scale are (definition) and result...
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    Subject Selection (Enjoyment vs Marks)

    So I'm stuck. I don't know whether to continue with business studies or switch to visual arts. I feel like I will get a higher mark if I stay with business but would enjoy art as a subject more but will probably get a lower mark (my theory is good but I don't feel I'm as talented on the...
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    Visual Arts or Business Studies

    So I'm in year 10 and torn between these 2 subjects for next year as my final pick (not in that forum cuz I need someone with experience). I'm currently first for art but am concerned about the workload for the major work in year 12 and if it will just be a time sink. Business does interest me...