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    does anyone know where i go if i have a complaint?
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    ok first i wanna say sorry to everyoone for resorting to these forums but hey im in desperate need of help and i cant afford a shrink. my bf says i dont do enough for him and i dont make him feel loved. How do i convince him that i would kiss the ground he walks on?
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    gwen stefani

    i was just watching her video 'what you waiting for' you can see it on this website n i just gotta say i think shes absolutely gorgeous when shes not wearing outrageous makeup
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    what do your parents think about your sex life?

    just a question. do your parents know? and if they do, do they care???
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    just remember.. there is no such thing as love.. its all fucking bullshit
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    love Vs Career

    so whats more important to you in life for you.... a good education, job and independence OR Love, a husband or wife and a family??
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    does your bf oogle over other girls right infront of you???

    heres a scenario.... your driving along in the car with your bf and you see him staring at some random skanky bitch walking on the pavement OR he makes a comment such as 'oh shes hot!' OR does a bit of column A and a bit of B! quite frankly this pisses me off! i cant even watch a movie...
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    ever hurt urself whilst having sex???

    ive hurt my knees twice funny... today i managed to find skin ripped off my knee cap... when on a matress.... dayem springs... its hurts :(
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    what are you going to do with all your notes?????

    whats everyone doing with their notes??? my frend is having a bon fire party tommorow and we are all gonna drink up and burn our notes for fun.. jejeje.. kinda like an end of HSC part yay :p
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    going to schoolies but not during schoolies period

    so all those just vaccationing for schoolies but not during the schoolies period.. where you going??? me going on a cruise on the 8th of january.. yay
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    effectiveness of the legal system

    effectiveness of the legal system- someone help me before i shoot myself well we know this is usually allways one of the choice extended responses always put in. i sat down to evaluate the effectiveness of the family court but i dont know where to start.. do i put it paragraphs of say...
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    spanish ext.

    does any one do it?? i think one person on this forum does.... if you come on how did u find it? i thought it was piss easy :)
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    Spanish Cont.

    so how did everyone go? that stupid stupid universities thing.. what was that about? :cool:
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    The Journeys Over!

    well the journey to studying journeys is over... finally ... lets rejoice.. drink root beer and throw spaghetti everywhere. umm.. i stumbled across a member's avtr 'THE BOGRAT' and thought it was pretty mad. hands up if u like it
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    best and worst thing

    so what did u like the best about the paper and what was the worst thing about the paper. i liked sect three cos i knew what i was doing but i enjoyed the creative writting the best because i really got into it and let my emotions run away with me .. i had a tear in my eye. yeh ne ways...
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    so speed = distance over time how do u do this quesiton : The stopping distance of a car is proportional to the square of the car's speed. A car travelling at 60 km/h has a stopping distance of 40m. If the stopping distance is 80m, what is the car's speed?
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    hsc language exams

    anyone had their orals yet?? i had mine for spanish cont. on saturday.. was pretty easy.. although im not looking forward to ext . this saturday
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    anyone got a good definition for physical jorney???
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    tafe 2005

    got our UAC guide today.. anyone decided to go to tafe next year... and if so what course are u thinking of doing?
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    Work Placement

    hey ne one going to workplacement soon... n where u all going