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    internal transfers

    It possible, but has to be done through UAC, it's exactly the same as transferring to another uni.
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    Main Round Offer Confusion

    Quick question any answers much appreciated... just wondering that having received an offer for my first preference in the prelim round does that mean it's impossible for me to recieve another offer in the main round, because i didnt change my prefernces??
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    Your top 25 videogames of all time

    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) I have a habit of playing this game through ever couple of years, it is such a big game awesome game, fuck off Ganon Secret of Mana (SNES) Another game I can always come back to, multiple magic, multiple weapons and a flying dragon controlled by a...
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    BBus (Marketing) Vs. BA (Com - Advertising)

    hey all, need some information... i'm looking to transfer to either a variant of business degree with a marketing major or communications degree focusing on advertising and am looking for feedback from people that do either of these types of degree... anything would be much appreciated! uni's...
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    b arts/ b science @ sydney

    So, do new courses generally rise their cut-offs? or would it stay the same for another year or so to gather some more interest?
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    invitation from USYD?

    Well my fantastic UAI of 72.8 warranted a Usyd invite, so im pretty sure it has nothing to do with UAI, unless they really like me...
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    Ur UAI and the desired Course!

    Arts at Sydney - 83 My UAI - 72.80 so sad... here's hoping it lowers and then i can potentially try flexible entry... yay......
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    aptitude tests

    call up enmore and they'll send you all the information, like i applied for the diploma of graphic design and i had to send a a poster i made with my application
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    A god amongst Bosers...

    congrats! i was on statline once... but just in the background *sigh*
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    Road trip Music for schoolies

    depends what everyones into really... though if you want some universally friendly music id be pumping some jamiroquai... i love those guys and so should everyone else
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    Design Centre Enmore

    Just wondering if anyone here who applied to the Design Centre has heard anything back from them yet? and if anyone did apply with the whole TropDoc thing what did you guys make?
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    No Limits hahah

    Man i love the dedication of having my name on the front, makes me feel like a big man!! though that feeling may be replaced by tears when i dont get into Sydney...
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    Commercial Cookery question

    ahh i can tell you what i wrote, i just mentioned a variety of equipment, stove + stovetop, pots and pans, deep fryer and talked about how to use them and how to clean them
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    2005 HSC Art Major works

    Been viewing these majors and amazed by the quality, thought i'd post mine up, photo quality is a bit dodgy, but then again so is the concept... it's about human's nature to advance and advance which has its benefits though will eventually lead to destruction. I focused on War, Technology and...
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    hospitality extension

    i know it exists you do it through tafe a few kids in my hospo class did it, thats as far as my knowledge goes
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    How Much Did You BOW Cost?

    Mine would have costed around 20 - 30 bucks tops
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    those who have school formals after the HSC??

    Ours is the 14th Nov, i dont understand the whole pre HSC formal, a formals the perfect way to wrap everything up
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    Which is worse?

    i put down the actual hsc, but the worst thing for me so far has been the wait to finish the actual bastards, like i havent had an exam since maths bout 2 weeks back and im still waiting for my lovely art/hospo combo, the BoS is heavily teasing me...
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    the "OMG i STILL havnt finished the HSC" thread

    ive got art and hospo to go, my brain is convinced ive finished though
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    What is the best simpsons episode?

    My favourites Cape Fear - one of the sideshow bob eps, where the simpsons have to relocate to cape fear and become the thompsons, absolute gold You Only Live Twice (?) - Homer goes to work for a bond villian Though all of them from the old seasons are brilliant... none of these new...