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  1. vizman

    courses to enrol

    hey guys have a bit of trouble for enrolling into unsw commerce. one of the booklets says (i play to major in finance and accounting) to major in "core course for other disciplinary major in session 1" and do FINS1613 in session 2. which course do i enrol in for session 1 for accounting :S since...
  2. vizman

    physics context 2 book

    just out of curiosity does anyone have this book? i bought it the other day and it contains no answers. just wondering if you have to buy the teachers resource cd for the answers? thanks :)
  3. vizman

    dissolution equation

    hey guys im not really sure what the equation for the dissolution of ammonium chloride into water is. thanks in advance :D
  4. vizman

    related text for identity

    hey guys i have an assessment task coming up for my AOS - identity just asking for some suggestions for a related text. thanks in advance. :)
  5. vizman

    Mole question

    hey guys, just not sure whether i've done this question right. [SIZE=2]thanks.
  6. vizman

    absolute values help

    hey guys im really stuck on this question Sketch the Function y = | x | + | x + 1|
  7. vizman

    drawing displacement/time graphs

    hi guys i've forgotten completely how to draw these kind of graphs. heres the question: draw a graph of a particle, displacement against time for a wave having a frequency of 100Hz and an amplitude 400mm. (Use time scale of 10mm=1ms and displacement scale of 10mm = 100) any ideas how it...
  8. vizman

    dvd burner speed issues

    hey guys, i've got a DVD burner which i know is 16X, its an LG model one, it came as a part of the computer which i brought. however, recently i've started burning DVDs, it seems the Nero only detects it can go up to 4X - i brought TDK DVDS which go up to 16X, any ideas?
  9. vizman

    ionic/covalent substances

    hi guys, just wondering if i could get any tips on how to tell whether a substances are either ionic or covalent from a list etc. sodium fluride, phosphorous trichloride i know that if it has a prefix like tri - its convalent but anyone else know how? thanks.
  10. vizman


    i've got a couple of questions i can't seem to grasp. thanks in advance 1. Prove that cot(A+B) = cotAcotB+1 / cotAcotB 2. Prove that 1-cosA / 1+cosA = tan^2 A/2
  11. vizman

    help again

    rofl. sorry bout another thread. can't seem to get this question prove that cos ( A + B ) cos ( A - B ) = cos^2a - sin^2b thnx.
  12. vizman


    hi, can someone tell me how to do this. Prove that sin ( A + B + C) cos (B + C) - cos ( A + B + C) sin (B + C) = sin A thanks in advance
  13. vizman

    maths help

    hey can u guys check this out. differentiate with respect to x. y = 2 / (2x + 3)^4 i got -16/ (2x+3)^5 i don't think it right. regards.
  14. vizman

    maths question

    hey guys, i seem to be stuck on this question "find the cubic equation whose roots are the squares of that of x^3 + 2x + 1 = 0" i seem to keep getting x^3 - 4x^2 + 1 any ideas? ta.
  15. vizman

    Pre-uni tutoring

    hey, fellas im a yr10 students at the moment and picking up maths ext1, english, physics, chem at pre-uni since we're startin yr11 in term 4. hav u guys been there, anyone think its any good. regards
  16. vizman

    11 unit marking

    hey fellas, You know how some people do 12 unit and the HSC counts only the top 10 units thus removing the last 2 units, how does it work if ur doing 11 units?
  17. vizman

    Newtons 2nd Law

    Hey guys i've got this assessment task on the Newton Car Experiment, im year 10. One of the questions was How does the Newton car demonstrate Newton’s second law? I was just wondering if my answer is remotely correct. Newton’s second law refers to the relationship of a body when it is...