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    How important is it to have the latest edition textbook?

    How important is it to have the latest edition textbook? I can find 2nd hand copies of the previous edition for $100 cheaper than the latest edition which I cannot find 2nd hand copies for.
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    Hearthstone thread

    Anyone play?? I wanna add some people to spectate and vs. :P
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    Flexible First Year

    I don't know which engineering course to do as I have interest in a few of them so I'm going to do flexible first year. Are there any disadvantages to this? I hardly see anyone else doing it :(
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    Multiple Scholarships?

    So I received the AAA scholarship and it says "The AAA cannot be held in conjunction with a UNSW Scientia Scholarship, Student Achievement Award (SAA) or Rural Student Achievement Award (RSA)." Is it possible to receive multiple scholarships as long as the ones I applied for are not the...
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    A message to 2015'ers

    In light of all the advice that is being passed around recently, I'd like to offer my own perspective on the HSC. The do X hours of study per day thing is stupid. There is a whole year ahead of you. The HSC is an emotional roller coaster and you will undoubtedly go through highs and lows. On...
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    Orbital and escape velocity

    Were not allowed to quote the formula in calculations right? (derive them)
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    Pressure & Rate of reaction

    How come I never see sample answers talking about increasing pressure to increase rate of reaction (assuming gaseous reaction) as opposed to temperature? Like in the Haber process with questions involving "balance", temperature is a balance between yield and rate of reaction; so why not say...
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    Hsc 2013 q Can someone explain 30a please? I don't understand their sample answers :/
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    What technique is in...

    "Let me ask you..." (the whole text contains a lot of me and you's) I was thinking something along the lines of direct voice / direct conversation / personal conversation / 2nd person narrative (dunno if the first 3 are legit techniques lol)
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    How to draw line of best fit?

    I'm unsure how long the line is meant to extend to E.g. if the domain of my points takes place from x=1 to x=3, should my line only extend from x=1 to x=3 or go past it? Look at Q22 They extend...
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    Combustion: Liquid or gaseous water?

    So does combustion result in liquid or gaseous water as one of the products? I've seen both in MANY sources and it has confused me all my life lol
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    Graphs to prove inequalities

    Q: Prove tan x > x for 0 < x < pi/2 Am I allowed to just graph the two and show it? My only problem with this method is that it is not really proving it (if I didn't know better, I could have just purposely constructed the two graphs such that tan x > x since I know that's what the question wants)
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    Raw mark for...

    Anyone know what would generally be the raw mark required for 99 exam mark in PHYS and CHEM?
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    3D trig Q

    From 1994 HSC paper Q7: Uluru is a large rock on flat ground in Central Australia. Three tourists A, B, and C are observing Uluru from the ground. A is due north of Uluru, C is due east of Uluru, and B is on the line-of-sight from A to C and between them. The angles of elevation to the summit...
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    General question about probability and counting

    Is there a way to be consistently correct or confident in answers? In an exam there's no way to check if you missed a condition in your solution and so if your brain is not thinking right then that's such an easy way to lose marks... I really hate it
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    Counting Q

    I can't do c) Any ideas??
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    How to learn inequalities?

    Anyone got general tips; im just learning inequalities? It's so hard -_- and I don't know in which direction to think Edit: Atm I'm just doing mass questions to "memorise" the methods for doing them
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    Dilemma on Einstein's contribution to quantum theory

    Hi have some gaps in my understanding: Dotpoint "Identify Einstein’s contribution to quantum theory and its relation to black body radiation" Einstein's contribution to quantum theory -> Proposed that light is quantised (is it wrong to say this since Planck proposed it? Should I instead say...
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    Quality vs quantity

    Reflecting on my English trials, I omitted some paragraphs in my prepared essays because they didn't or couldn't answer the question, resulting in my essay being about 800 words (for both mod B and mod C). Should I have just included the omitted paragraphs do I don't get marked down for "shallow...
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    Reference to critical interpretations

    I've been reading some exemplar responses and noticed that not many people include critical interpretations in their essay response. Why is this? Part of the rubric says to critically consider the perspectives of others and I thought it'd be smart to explore these perspectives in your essays...