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  1. gamecw

    5 Bonus Uais?

    my friends in the other school all applyed for this 5 bonus uai thing, and the condition is to sit the hsc exam when ur still in aust for less than 5 yrs... who else applyed for this thing? where do i get more info on this and how can i still apply??? if that is the case, then i cud have...
  2. gamecw

    Wanted: Sales/health consultant, at townhall

    Our company located at Townhall Sydney is still looking for a number of sales/health consultant to join its firm (ft/pt).The company provides full training, therefore all applicants must be serious and willing to learn!! This job not only provide you with a great working experience, it also...
  3. gamecw

    places to go in sydney (suburb)

    other than city, burwood, liverpool, chatswood,parramatta... what other good shoping areas r there in sydney? then again, what other fun places r there to go??
  4. gamecw

    Raw cut off

    Just curious, what do u think is needed as a raw mark in order to get 75,80 and 90 Exam mark... i just did 2005 paper, n i got 45/60 excluding eassys, say if i get 20/40 for essays, thats 65/100.. how much is that pulled up to? cud it be anywhere close to 75? or lower...
  5. gamecw

    Help! again! how wud u do Q23(b)?? sorry but im really crap at economics
  6. gamecw


    What is the equilibrium level of income if C=100+0.8Y and I=40 the answer is 700. how do u do this?
  7. gamecw

    Q6(b) probability

    i had to rush this so im not sure if im right, cant be bother doing again so ill check with u guys (iv) 1/3<x<1 ? i think thats what i got
  8. gamecw

    1997 hsc from Success one

    check out the projectile motion question.. the last part doesnt quite make sense... it says that the plane is travelling at A CONSTANT velocity, then it drops this object and blah (read it urself) then the answer from the back of book assumes that the object has a initial horizontal velocity...
  9. gamecw

    Drawing template

    is this one allowed? 'mathomat 2 coulour - second edition' bought today, it got sin/cos curve + y=x^2 y=2x^2 y=x^2/2 and a few different circles + shapes... hope it will be allowed to it
  10. gamecw

    Paper 2 Modules

    What modules are you doing and what texts? Think that you're going to do well?
  11. gamecw

    Predict ur marks!

    Quote: Preserve your place for before the exam, and after the exam prediction and we'll see the accuracy of the predictions after the actual HSC. (I have no intention of this topic being succesful just wanted to see if people generally know how they'll do. =) esl ppl shud be more active! 70...
  12. gamecw

    General Thoughts

    section 1 was really bad for me... man i cudnt fall asleep last night(slept 2 hrs frustration), so was really really tired during exam... it took me so long to read a single paragraph =S and what was with the cartoon and poem... man i guess i just suck.. anways section 2 was awsome- essay...
  13. gamecw

    how was ur english exam =)

    finally its all finished!! well half of it... how did u guys go?
  14. gamecw

    Ready for the exams?

    is every one prepared for the exam on friday? arr theres 2 days left, and i still havent touched any english since my trial.. how many hours is everyone going to study everyday on english from now on? my random study session has just ended today, gonna deal with each subject from now on...
  15. gamecw

    help! simplify

    how do u simplify: root{3 + root8} to 1+root2
  16. gamecw

    predict UAI from assumed raw marks

    ok does this set of raw marks get u 95+? eng esl 75 physics 80 economics 80 4u maths: 75 3u: 90
  17. gamecw

    Harder 3 unit..

    man i can do all other 4u topics.. but doin badly in harder 3 unit.. especialy with inequality, i cant even do the basic ones.. can sumone solve these for me? that [a^2+b^2+c^2] is biger n = to [3 . 3rt of (a^2 . b^2 . c^2)] that [(a+b+c+d)/4] is biger n = to [4rt of...
  18. gamecw

    Bcom Unsw

    is anyone going for that? this year's cutoff was 93... what do u guys think the cutoff will be nxt yr?
  19. gamecw

    What is an example of 'relativity of simultaneity' other than thought experiments

    Q19 2006 of independant trial Explain the idea of the relativity of simultaneity, giving an example to support your answer.. iv included einstein's lamp in mid of train thought experiment as the example but teacher said 'nope, thats just a thought exp' so i lost the marks.. so what is...
  20. gamecw

    12 units!! how wud it affect my UAI

    Hey guys, im doin 12 units atm maths ex2,maths ex1,eng esl,eco,physics and Business studies.. im not planning to spend any more time to study business studies.. this means ill prbly score a Band 2~3 for the subject... wud it affect my UAI in anyway? i have done about only 40% of the...