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  1. noctua

    MATH1251 Matlab pastpapers

    With the Matlab test coming soon I was wondering if anyone has any past papers for Matlab, for MATH1251, but MATH1241 and MATH1231 would be alright as well. Thanks.
  2. noctua

    Societies for a good resume and meet new people?

    Can you guys give me some recommendations on what societies to join to meet new people as well as to look good on my resume (i.e. non-profit societies)?
  3. noctua

    What laptop should I buy?

    I'm going to start Actuarial Studies/Commerce, this year in UNSW and wondering what laptop I should buy. I think I'd mostly use the laptop for notetaking, and surfing the internet. I have a good desktop at home for myself, so don't really feel the need to spend too much money on a laptop, so...
  4. noctua

    Can I change timetable after enrolment?

    I've already enrolled to Actl/Comm in UNSW. But can I still change my timetable? When I go to myUNSW, I only get options to drop or swap courses, I don't know how to change timetables?
  5. noctua

    Actuarial enrolment courses HELP!!

    I got an offer for Actuarial Studies/Commerce at UNSW and I not really sure what courses to choose. I think the most popular option is MATH1151, ACCT1501, ECON1101 and MGMT1001. But can I do more than 4 courses?
  6. noctua

    The imitation game thread

    Saw this movie today, and think it really deserves the 8.3 it received from imdb and the 90% from rotten tomatoes. What do you guys think?
  7. noctua

    Is computer science any good at Mcq?

    I was thinking of doing a double degree with Actuarial studies. But what would be the better choice. Comp sci or Applied Finance?
  8. noctua

    CES 2015 Thoughts?

    The biggest electronics convention for 2015 is going on right now. What products showcased there are you excited for?
  9. noctua

    Do you need to be good at english to do law?

    As in do you have to be good at writing essays and so on?
  10. noctua

    What is the BoS equivalent for universities?

    Yes, there are a lot of discussions about university materials in BoS but this is primarily focused on High School (esp HSC years). Does another forum exist which is focused on University discussion? Just wondering.
  11. noctua

    Can I transfer into Actuarial Studies?

    I got 96 flat atar and since its a tad below the cut-offs for both maq and unsw I was thinking of enrolling for a commerce degree in UNSW and then transferring into actl/comm course. Is this possible? How hard is it to maintain a good enough WAM to get into Actuarial?
  12. noctua

    How good are your estimates?

    This is for the peeps who have already got their ATARS (pre-2014). How close was your estimation to your real ATAR? What were your range of estimation?
  13. noctua

    Who got state ranks?

    I presume that state rankers would be informed by bostes 1 week before the results come out. So who are those who managed to get state ranks, what is your rank and what subjects did you get it for?
  14. noctua

    Can I change from Engineering and Commerce to Actuarial in UNSW?

    I was thinking that if I don't get the desired 97 ATAR, that I would do Engineering and Commerce at UNSW, and then transfer into Actuarial studies. Is this possible? Do I have to get all HD's in order to do this? Any advice?
  15. noctua

    Problems with re-entry

    In which year's paper has this part of the syllabus assessed as a short answer question? I looked through some papers but they don't seem to have this....
  16. noctua

    Application of orbital velocity formula to find speed at which earth spins?

    I tried applying the formula v=sqrt(GM/r) and try to find the velocity at which earth spins (but really the velocity at which an object on the crust of the earth spins). However I get 7905m/s and this is not what google says (465m/s). Is there something wrong with my calculation? Is this the...
  17. noctua

    Maglev trains and Meissner effect

    Do maglev trains use the meissner effect to levitate? I understood it so, however my teacher mentioned that this was not the case and that I would be penalised if we wrote that in the HSC. So how does maglev trains really work? or is my physics teacher just out of his mind?
  18. noctua

    ATAR estimates please guys

    School rank: Around 40 English Adv: 61/154 Maths Ext 1: 32/79 Maths Ext 2: 20/28 Biology: 2/46 Physics: 9/54 Thanks a lot guys :)
  19. noctua

    Multiple choice tips & tricks?

    I have been doing a couple of physics past paper mcq and not been fairing well in them, as my avg marks are usually around 11/15. What do I have to do to improve these, can someone impart the wisdom of doing multiple choices?
  20. noctua

    UNSW vs USYD for computer science

    I'm tossing up between both and have no clue which one is better so can you guys please give me a quick idea of which one is more reputable, has a better overall course and has higher chances of getting jobs after graduation. Thanks peeps :)