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  1. Danoz The Great

    Working for two Coles Group stores - possible?

    I'm stil employed by Target at home (Port Macca). I'd like to apply to work at Coles or Bi-Lo in Armdale. Is this possible (since all three are Coles Group companies)? I want to be 100% sure before I start the online application.
  2. Danoz The Great

    Upgrading Hard Drive capacity??

    I've got a mate who has a pretty old computer- the hard drive only has about 11G capacity and it's got about 370MB left after cleaning everything out.... Is there an upgrade that she could get to increase the hard drive capacity, rather the fork out for a new computer? She's strapped for cash...
  3. Danoz The Great

    Austin College?

    Any Austinians here? Mid 4/5 = the shizz.
  4. Danoz The Great

    How long did it take for you to start recieving your Youth Allowance?

    And how did you apply (in person, online, etc)? Thankyou :)
  5. Danoz The Great

    Dell - Yay or Nay?

    I saw what I thought was a good value notebook on the Dell website, but I'm hesitant about buying something so expensive and whatever online... I'd just like to know if Dell computers or any good, or are they renowned for being crappy? I need a notebook that isn't anything too flash, but will...
  6. Danoz The Great

    Youth Allowance...figured this would be the best place to post this.

    So I'm aiming to get that 75% of the Commonwealth Training Award Rate (the $17667) within 18 months of finishing school. I'll most likely earn this magical figure. But what I'm wondering is 'finishing school', exactly? Is it the last day of term 3 in year 12, or is it the date of your last...
  7. Danoz The Great

    Distance Ed - yay or nay?

    I'm considering doing a course I like the look of at SCU Lismore (Assoc Deg Law - Paralegal Studies, if you're wondering). However it'd be better if I could stay here, that isn't really by choice, but anyway, my question: Is correspondence hard to do? I think I could keep myself motivated, so...
  8. Danoz The Great

    Folder randomly appearing on my dektop

    Maybe my brother/sister did this, I don't know. The folder is titled "%SystemDrive%" so of course, I don't really want to move it. :\ I'm thinking spam or some virus, but all of my subscriptions to that stuff is up-to-date. Any solutions/help?
  9. Danoz The Great

    Panic! At the Disco

    They're great :) I got their album the other day. Any other Panic! fans?
  10. Danoz The Great

    Constant weight

    My weight is constantly fluctuating between 60-70kg. One week I'll be down to 60-61 kg, then it'll be up as high as 67 kg. I don't change my eating patterns, they're kept quite regular all the time. It doesn't bother me that much- I don't get hung up on things like that. But lately I've felt...
  11. Danoz The Great

    St Albert's

    I've heard that this college has a lot of Education students. I've also heard plenty of great things about this college, but is the part about heaps of Ed students true? Thanks people
  12. Danoz The Great

    Married ... but run off with member of the same sex

    What do you think of this? You may be unhappy with your marriage and found new happiness. Just like being in a relationship after a divorce, maybe. But what if you have children? Should it really matter to them, and would they be affected by your new relationship? Do you think that it...
  13. Danoz The Great

    Who got in?

    Did any BOS users get accepted into UNE? Haven't seen any as yet. Post here if you have!
  14. Danoz The Great

    Centrelink Call Centre

    Applied for a job here at the Centrelink in town. Anybody work here? What's the conditions like (apart from lots of abuse)?
  15. Danoz The Great

    Was anybody's UAI exactly the same as their course cut-off?

    Mine was! :) 71.50 - Primary teaching at CSU Bathurst.
  16. Danoz The Great

    Countdown to the HSC

    I just noticed while I was in the UAI forum that there was '629 Days Until the HSC'. This is two years away instead of one... It sohuld read either 264 or 263 days, can't be bothered to work it out.
  17. Danoz The Great

    "Oh no, I only got 89! I'm so stupid..."

    Sorry to rant, but this attitude by a lot of you makes much more other people feel like shit. You should all be very happy with your achievements, and 89 is an EXCELLENT mark. I'm happy with mine, why be pessimistic? The HSC is OVER!
  18. Danoz The Great

    Large bandwidth on photobucket

    Is 67.29Mb of monthly bandwidth on my photobucket account really big? I have 244 pics on there, taking up 7.33Mb of space, and 1830 monthly hits. I have it on this read-only thing at the moment (due to formal pics etc), where people can login under a read-only password to view the photos...
  19. Danoz The Great

    Da Kath and Kim Code!

    Who's excited? I'm excited! wheeeeeee
  20. Danoz The Great

    Applying for on-campus accomodation

    I'm in the process of applying for on-campus accomodation at SCU - both at Coffs and Lismore. But there are some questions that you have to write a few lines on, and I'm a little lost of what to say, such as: "Please describe why you would like to become a member of the on-campus...