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    Actuarial Studies

    Here are some responses to FAQ about actuarial studies. Although obvious, the following are just my opinions. Outline Difficulty and Maths Exams Degree Macquarie vs UNSW Career Market Difficulty and Maths For most actuarial students, the actuarial program is difficult. But it is nowhere near...
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    Exam Results: Semester 1, 2005.

    It was like a collision, but in slow motion. (Most pre-result release thoughts can be found in "Results soon!" thread. If it's pre-result, post there.)
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    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Among other things... --------------- Team Name: BoredofStudies Code to join this league:94900-17995
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    Exam Results : 20 July!

    We start our exams earlier, and get our results back later.. I guess this could be a good thing. ;)
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    The "News, Current Affairs & Politics" Posting Guidelines

    1. Posts contribute to an environment which fosters open discussion. We expect members to treat each other with a certain courtesy. If you disagree with a view, explain why, and don't insult someone for their views. However, obviously certain views will not be tolerated, for example rude, racist...
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    Soccer Thread 2004

    I'll close this at the end of the 2003-04 season.
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    Actuarial Studies @ Macquarie

    Actuarial Studies The thread/post contains links to other BoS posts of relevance to Actuarial Studies; the last thread was rather unproductive, imo. * Cut-offs and Comments for 2004 (17/01/04) * Is it possible to transfer to second year Actuarial Studies having done first year Commerce...
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    UAI Cut Offs

    Just in case, you don't visit the other Uni forums...
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    The Remedy

    Just in case you missed it... The Announcement: A Warning! For those who regularly visit the Latin forum, you will be more than aware of the present crisis that we, the moderators, have had to face. *About to relapse into a Cicero-styled speech but refrains* To that end, we have sought to...
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    I Officially Welcome Pigs!

    I Officially Welcome Pigs! As the Ancient Latin Moderator, I officially welcome a young Latin Moderator into our ranks. :D Everyone, give a warm welcome to pigs_can_fly. :) And no picking on the new Moderator. :p
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    Latin Quotes

    Just a couple of Latin quotes.. Sero in periculis est consilium quaerere. It's too late to ask advice when the danger comes. Syrus, Maxims Non tu scis, quom et alto puteo sursum ad summum escenderis, maximum periclum inde esse ab summo ne rursum cadas. When you have just climbed out of...
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    If you haven't noticed...

    If you haven't noticed... I've taken the liberty to close quite a few rather 'Active' spam threads. So Spam in NS or in Lexi's case, another Language forum. ;):p *Closed*
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    The AAI!

    For all those who have questions about what type of Index... btw, this is completely irrelevant and useless to study. The Addiction Admission Index (AAI) UAI vs AAI You know you're addicted to the forum when... *Thread Closed* :p
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    ACST151 Textbook Syllabus

    ACST151 Textbook Syllabus (Is it reliable? I'm not sure.)
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    and then there were ... three ...?

    *power-hungry bird grumbles* ... we have three moderators here now ... now i lose more of my kingdom ...:p i had supreme reign ... a long time ago in a galaxy far far away ... (oops losing train of thought) ... now we have more moderators than people who wander in ...:)
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    'passions' / 'bold and the beautiful' revival thread ...

    it seems that these two shows have seen less prominence in this thread lately ... this is an attempt to fuse the two into one thread as they both are commonly discussed in the one thread ... maybe no-one will post (as they are sick of it) or maybe some will ... :)