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  1. supergirl

    what UAI did all the EAS peoples get?

    I applied for EAS, five different categories. I got 97.85 and USyd accepted my EAS. My first four preferences are at UTS though, and I should get in there without EAS if the UAI doesn't go up more than .20
  2. supergirl

    Your SC marks vs your HSc marks which did you do better in ?

    the answer is simple - no one going on to year twelve cared about the school certificate. well, i don't know anyone who did. i didn't even finish my geography SC test, i left and went to mcdonalds! in the SC i got: english 98 maths 89 geography can't remember but band 2 history band 4...
  3. supergirl

    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    Oh no, you poor thing, as if 99.65 and Dux isn't reward enough! I'd gladly trade that for my 97.85 and the accompanying "special dinner and gifts". Jeez, I don't even know if I'll get into my course!
  4. supergirl

    The highest uai obtained by a blonde person

    Girl at my school is naturally blonde and got 99.3 (i think it was .3) so yes, stereotypes suck.
  5. supergirl

    SMH: The top HSC schools

    I don't give a fuck about your school, but my aunt, glycerine's mother, teaches there. and she does not shut up about how fantastic her students are and constantly puts my school down and so glycerine and i had our hopes high that our schools would get higher than manly so we could stomach...
  6. supergirl

    UAI without tutors?

    never had a tutor in my life. slacked off all year. should have gotten higher, but didn't. oh well: 97.85
  7. supergirl

    SMH: The top HSC schools

    I note that you aren't even saying what school you go to. At least give me some fuel for the fire! Either way, nothing you say can take away from our achievement - we earned this fair and square and I am ridiculously excited for our school.
  8. supergirl

    Schools who improved markedly on last year

    Woo Penrith. 50th --> 23rd. I'd consider that a huge improvement.
  9. supergirl

    SMH: The top HSC schools

    god yes i could not stand that. in fact, it was one of the first things i checked when i looked at the schools list. ugh. even PENRITH beat them... :rolleyes:
  10. supergirl

    anyone know anything about the educational access scheme?

    i would say it is likely, but basically... i will explain it in brief: the main uni's work on allocation. they say [hypothetically] in this course we have 10 eas places, and you have to be within 10 points of the uai cutoff. then all the accepted eas applicants are ranked in order of closest...
  11. supergirl

    SMH: The top HSC schools

    What the hell is with people questioning our ranking? Our grade is incredibly intelligent, and last years' didn't perform as well. Is there really much more to it? I am so fucking happy that our school, a shitty little hole lacking updated resources, can rise so much and stick it to some of the...
  12. supergirl

    What HSC marks did you get?

    english advanced 94 drama 90 legal studies 92 modern history 94 studies of religion 46/50 extension 1 english 45/50 fuck yessssssssssssssssssssss.
  13. supergirl

    onstage nom's for non-performance IPs?

    are these just certain areas or what? maybe there's still hope!
  14. supergirl

    Theatre Criticism Onstage

    i've been twice and there were portfolios of theatre criticism in the foyer. they take examples of all the projects.
  15. supergirl

    End with a bang.

    Wow, same! What plays do you do for Irish? We do Dancing at Lughnasa and Beauty Queen of Leenane. Aus question was good, I thought, but Irish was terrible.
  16. supergirl

    those who have school formals after the HSC??

    ours is the 24th of november, at the log cabin in penrith. i'm pretty disappointed about the venue, but ahhh well. i have the best month of my life ahead! 11th- finish hsc [drama] 12th- an 18th 13th- drama class party [we have a rocking class] 19th- my 18th party 21st- my 18th birthday...
  17. supergirl

    Prefered Modules and Electives in EE1.

    I wish I had done Post-Modernism, but our school only offers Crime, Spec and Individual and Society, the latter being my original choice. BAH. Worst course ever, I hated it with a passion.
  18. supergirl

    Trotsky Timeline...

    Yes, we did study Trotsky's birth and background but that was merely to give us an idea on what happened. However, the BOS dictates that the individual study is aligned with the National Study, and Russia and the Soviet Union is restricted from 1917 - 1945.
  19. supergirl

    What was your GP about?

    thankyou! well i personally think as a group we went really well - probably a 10/10, but i am not as skilled as a couple of others in the group. one or two of them will get 30 and i think probably about a 27 for me, which i'm pretty darn happy with :] the performance was one of our best ever...
  20. supergirl

    first gf bf?

    I was in year six. We held hands once or twice. In retrospect, he was a dork :P Pokemon-lover, haha.