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    Band 6 Cut Off???

    In our exam we had about 12 and no one left early but our exam center had some rule of not leaving anyway. I thought it was really easy, except the fish question i knew i screwed up the second my mate said how he did it
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    22 a) ii)

    Found is a boolean value, if NOT Found means if Found = 0, The infinite loop is what i put.
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    Railroad diagram - q23

    I had exactly the same as that one, except before i put the repetition i put a ( ; )
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    So, who noticed the two mistakes on page 18?

    Yeah dont think that they cared too much about the ascii, the NOR gate tho they just joined the lines before the gate, slack but whatever
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    General Thoughts - Software Design and Development

    Man that was so easy, software developers view of hardware was a joke. That railroad diagram posted before isn't worth full marks tho
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    Major Project

    Hey, this is what my major project this year was. I made the game boggle in Turbo pascal 1.5. We havent got the marks back yet but i am hoping for a 90+ Its a 400kb file so i couldn't upload on the BoS (cause of inbuilt dictionary and stuff)
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    School Chaplaincy You are right, they dont teach this in school, :lol: oh noes, anybody without a religion is a TERRORIST
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    Anyone working at KFC, what do you get?

    I have been working at KFC now for around 2 years, now at 17 im recieving about $11 an hour, but when 15 was only getting around $6, the pay rates are a percentage of the 21+ rate, ie at 15 you are recieving about 40% of max wage, at 16 u get 50% etc. The union is BS just ask to leave, and with...