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  1. hujikolp


    O'fest was pretty awesome!! does anyone have any interesting stories, funny events, or just general comments on O'fest? ... : )
  2. hujikolp

    Communication for IT Professionals Diagnostic Testing

    apparantly we write a paragraph of some sort.. humm
  3. hujikolp

    Why is it that most 'hot' girls are dumb or skank?

    i love scrabble but i'm no tina
  4. hujikolp

    First-Year IT Camp 2009

    cool.. so u don't know an approximate number of people? is there usually a lot more guys than girls on the camp?
  5. hujikolp

    First-Year IT Camp 2009

    the site u gave us huratio, doesn't really tell u much.. it's just got a little paragraph and then links to photos from a couple of years but i guess it's good, keeps it more of a suprise :P so does anyone know around how many people are expected to be coming on the camp? and do we...
  6. hujikolp

    BSc IT Talk

    i dunno how to help.. thankgod set subjects in BIT.. they basically did the enrolment thing for us.. didn't you go into uts to enrol? because they had heaps of people to help you..
  7. hujikolp

    BSc IT Talk

    it does sound pretty boring.. 3 hour lecture.. gahh I'm doing BIT, but i think we have heaps of the same subjects
  8. hujikolp

    Why is it that most 'hot' girls are dumb or skank?

    in summer everyone is hot
  9. hujikolp

    First-Year IT Camp 2009

    can't wait!
  10. hujikolp

    2009 UTS Offers!

    Bachelor of IT (BIT) .. woot! i found out in december though.. :)
  11. hujikolp

    Mi Goreng

    yumm.. why pay $2 for one packet! that's crap! go to eastwood and get a whole box for 10bucks or less! it's awesome
  12. hujikolp

    DUX of school: did not do ESL?

    Our dux didn't do ESL.. but then again we have hardly any asians at our school
  13. hujikolp

    Anyone get accepted into BiT for 09 yet?

    thanks bressman... same to u looking forward to next year!
  14. hujikolp

    Inverse trig functions

    die inverse functions...
  15. hujikolp

    yes!!!! acceptance to the BIT course

    i got into BIT! very very happy :) can't wait till next year!! thanks for all the info u guys have given out.. especially jess for your epic post, lol
  16. hujikolp

    Results countdown

    do they sms us at 6? or later.. cos i cbf getting out of bed at 6am
  17. hujikolp

    are most ppl gonna check results at approx 6am??

    i signed up to get my results sms-ed.. so i'm just gonna sleep in and check my phone whilst in bed.. lol.. then get up later and check them properly online..