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  1. rusticmetal

    The Drinking Thread!!!!

    about an hour? maybe a little more?
  2. rusticmetal

    CA Achievers program

    you cant spell 'accountant'
  3. rusticmetal

    A Complicated Situation

    yeah...been in this situation...just find another girl...
  4. rusticmetal

    The Second Kiss

    how can all of you remember when your 2nd, 3rd, etc kisses were? i cant even remember my first lol
  5. rusticmetal

    Cannabis more harmful than tobacco

    tobacco is more proven than cannabis.
  6. rusticmetal

    job at coles

    casual grocery nightfill stack shelves and stuff during the night shift. i work for coles (casual grocery). i hardly ever get shifts, have to keep ringing up for them. they pretty much call you whenever and you dont get a choice whether you work or not. on the positive side its piss easy work...
  7. rusticmetal


    i hate security software. i installed mcaffee sweet on a desktop once (that one which boots before explorer.exe). rebooted, and it jammed on loading (before explorer.exe could boot). this happened every time for like a week, couldnt use the damn computer. had to get rid of it through safe mode...
  8. rusticmetal

    subject selection advice

    business is memory and question structuring, economics is a lot of stats and trends.
  9. rusticmetal

    carreer paths ><..WHICH ONE?

    if you mean art as in paintings and stuff, there are plenty of jobs in art galleries/museams, as well as history-based roles.
  10. rusticmetal

    Does School affect Scaling much?

    im not sure if the systems are the same, but the HSC/VCE versions sound very very similar. in the VCE, if you can rank at the top of your class, and get a very good exam result, you can get perfect scores. as long as you get top of your class(es), you get the top exam result (in that class) as...
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    same thing happened to me, all that loaded was the ANZ page. i cant remember what fixed it, but i know it wasnt a hardware problem. was up and running in a couple of days.
  12. rusticmetal

    Unfair advantage???

    its not 'unfair'. you could choose exactly the same subjects as all these other people you talk about, and that would give you the nessecary knowledge. it is an 'advantage' though. if you were in a maths degree, and most people have done specialist & methods, while you have only done...
  13. rusticmetal

    help 9 minutes left. hurry now...
  14. rusticmetal

    Father vs son common relationships

    ran off, stole my mum's super. cunt.
  15. rusticmetal

    How Do You Get Random Guys Off Your Back?

    theyre not random.
  16. rusticmetal

    what to do if you

    bullshit you cant have a girlfriend and do your HSC. with that attitude no girl is going to be interested in you. oh, and heres how the conversation would go if you did try that: you: hey, wanna go out with me? her: sure!! :) you: ...not now...i meant later... her:
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    itl still hurt for the first week or so regardless...
  18. rusticmetal

    Transfering files via LAN

    um...if theyre both connected to a router... go to the desktop and right click on the folder(s) you wanna transfer share them on your laptop: go to 'entire network' (from my network places) click around to find the other computer find the folder(s) you shared drag them onto the laptop
  19. rusticmetal

    How Do You Get Random Guys Off Your Back?

    the boyfriend could hit the random guy?
  20. rusticmetal


    no cock for a couple of weeks. it'll hurt.