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    For USYD students, have you received the UniKey and Enrolment Instructions

    Yeah I'm pretty sure no one new that's enrolling can access the sso site with unikey cuz it's probs not in the system yet. Only the Sydney students site works.
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    Future Peers at USYD

    Yup - gonna be doing advanced computing :)
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    For USYD students, have you received the UniKey and Enrolment Instructions

    Oh right yeah gotta use the Sydney student site not the sso that they sent in the email.
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    For USYD students, have you received the UniKey and Enrolment Instructions

    Oh nvm that was for e12 people - one of my friends called them. Just got my unikey email but it's also not letting me sign in.
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    For USYD students, have you received the UniKey and Enrolment Instructions

    Nope haven't got it yet. Should be getting a 3rd email today possibly around 3-4pm.
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    Atar Estimate

    Yup before HSC everyone's fallback was business/IT now after ATAR its commerce/comp sci, basically just the evolved version of before.
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    Is it worth preparing early for Uni?

    If you want to a good idea of comp sci I recommend taking CS50 (linked below) and do the lectures + psets. It starts with C like UNSW and is pretty engaging too. I'm currently on week 4 and the psets so far have been pretty challenging but definitely doable + would allow you to basically smurf...
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    2021 ATAR/HSC Marks

    Maybe I can sell it
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    2021 ATAR/HSC Marks

    ATAR is out
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    USYD Maths Prerequisite????

    Just an update for 2021 graduates that the maths prerequisite for this year no longer requires you to get a band 4, just to have completed either advanced or extension 1/2. 1st dropdown
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    HONOUR ROLL Out Early??

    Yeah rip the Ls :(
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    General Programming Thread

    Anyone doing advent of code this year? ( Just found out about it today and trying to catch up (on day 4 so far). It's pretty fun and challenging, and you don't need any specified comp sci theory (atleast so far), just basic data structures (like lists/arrays and...
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    See if this video interests you and if you find it really interesting/cool as this is what originally got me into coding: Also if you want some hands-on experience, try taking the first few lectures of this intro to CS class by Harvard: If...
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    USYD Dalyell Scholars VS UNSW Engineering (Software)

    Also a year 12 student here so take what I say with a grain of salt but from what I've heard Dalyell isn't really that worth it as you basically just lose electives for some advanced classes and get like $2k for exchange. Also not sure how many employers would even know what it is so not sure if...
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    uts v unsw engineering

    UNSW includes the 60 days of work experience mandatory for all engineering degrees for all unis, but UTS goes one step further with the diploma of professional practice included in their engineering degrees. The UTS one specifies two 6-month paid or unpaid internships in your second and either...
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    General Programming Thread

    I'm not planning to get the certificate because I think that's more so for people taking the self-taught route to add to their resume. A uni degree would basically make it redundant in terms of merit for employers imo. More important is the final project you make for the course which is valuable...
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    General Programming Thread

    Beyond programming, here's some of my favourite free computer science resources that should help you get through uni and are great if you wanted to get ahead during the break! Full intro to CS done by Harvard - completing this would give you a great head start before next year - I'm only about...
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    Who’s finished their exams

    Would never subject myself to this torture ever again. 😰
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    Biology Predictions/Thoughts

    Haven't done anything this morning either :/ Just watched the final act of Arcane and cried (it's so good btw).