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  1. supergirl

    onstage nom's for non-performance IPs?

    hey guys, does anyone know about nominations for critical and design projects? because a guy in my drama class totally deserves to get in for video and i'm really anxious. if they haven't happened yet, any idea when it will happen?
  2. supergirl

    questions on theatre criticism

    Okay, so I am terrified because although I have seen six productions this year, I am yet to finish the reviews, and it seems as though many of you have finished yours months ago. (I have done two of the reviews thus far). I work well under pressure so I'm sure I will be okay, but I have a few...
  3. supergirl

    Will And Grace.

    I love this show to BITS. Jack and Karen are the best characters EVER, and I love foxtel for flooding Arena with episode after episode.