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    CS & IT degrees worth it at UTS?

    After looking it up, to my surprise there actually is a full comp sci course at UTS It must be new because i could never find it before, i think i might actually transfer into it and complete the math subjects haha. The atar...
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    CS & IT degrees worth it at UTS?

    Have you done the Diploma yet? I'm thinking about dropping it since it seems pretty useless and everyone i ask says that you need to somehow find an internship for 9 months straight which is really difficult, and you can't even graduate until you complete it.
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    CS & IT degrees worth it at UTS?

    UTS Bachelor of IT isn't computer science, there's very little to no math in the entire course, i'm currently in my 2nd year and haven't used anything more than simple arithmetic. The UNSW course is real computer science with very intensive mathematics, UTS doesn't have any course programs that...
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    Bachelor of science in information technology

    Yeah you can get in easily, i had 80 ATAR and got in no problem. In fact the cut off was actually higher than my ATAR yet i still got an offer.
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    IT/ICT job prospects Help.

    Hi guys. I recently enrolled in a bachelor of science degree at UTS, i thought i could try and force myself to enjoy it due to parental pressure, however it didn't happen. Now i wan't to change to something IT related, however i have concerns about the job prospects in Australia. I have...
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    Raw for band 6?

    2013 band 6 raw was 75
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    Band 5/6 Cut Off (RAW MARK)

    Band 6 - around 75 Band 5 - around 67
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    LOL for the 0v question, i drew a random line, had no clue what it was asking
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    Transformers electricity distribution q

    Q.Describe what would be different about the way in which electricity is widely distributed if transformers were not available (4 marks) - Dc power stations prevent long distant travel - large cost -? -?
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    anyone not ready for tomorrow?

    Lol, i gave up, just hoping to scrape a 60 for the exam
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    Two MC questions

    First one i have no idea, second one is A i think, because the positive end is always the north pole, and conventional current runs from + to -, so you can use the right hand rule to figure it out
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    innovation and entrepreneurship

    Wow is this actually a subject?, i cant believe this, it would be so useful in real life
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    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    gg atar, all i wrote about was discretion
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    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    Everything was going well, untill i saw the crime question, then it all went downhill from there
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    Set 4 physics?

    Time to start studying after my legal exam today lol
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions

    HOPEFULLY crime is not related to young offenders, if it is im screwed.
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    If its young offenders, ive got about 2 lines worth of actual information and 10 lines of bullshit
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    How is everyone studying for Physics ?

    Haven't done shit for physics, relying on a mix of bullshit and critical thinking to get me through
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    Rankings and HSC

    depends, but you're looking at a 80+ regardless
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Wait, i thought the area was multiplying depth and the side for each one, so (21.88 x 1.2 + 4(25.63 x 1.2) .....), i was pretty sure that was right but now im in doubt