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    related text ideas - homelands

    our prescribed texts for lit homelands are adiga's white tiger and chong's burning rice (also brick lane but that's not in the upcoming assessment). i was originally going to use v.s. naipaul's the nightwatchman's occurrence book and rushdie's quichotte as relateds, but i found it quite hard...
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    which subject to drop... Legal Studies v Physics

    legal studies is pretty good if you want a good grasp on current societal issues + the way the law works, which is always useful to have, no matter what kind of degree you're looking to get. it also might help to create variety in your subjects; 4u maths is a lot of stem already. if you're...
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    #2022 HSC Chat

    yeah, the only subjects it really works for is languages since there's not really any 'content' you learn, just vocabulary and grammar. however, i know some people in standard maths are doing full hsc papers since most of the content was learnt in 5.3 maths, and they've already covered networks...
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    handwriting help :,)

    my legal studies teacher came up to me and said that while marking my practice essay she found that my handwriting was very much illegible at times (she's going to talk to me about it in class), and i've gotten the same comment from multiple teachers on multiple exams before. the thing is, i...
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    legal vs society

    i do legal studies, and it's genuinely one of my favourite subjects. i don't plan on doing law in the future, and even if you do want to do law, those degrees tend to blitz through most of the legal studies course content in the first term, so it's not strictly necessary. however, if you're...
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    what to drop?

    my other subjects are 4u english, legal, and polish continuers - doing quite well in all those units so not worried about them - only about maths/french tbh
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    what to drop?

    we got a few exam results back and although most were good, french continuers was pretty bad. i got 13/15 in writing, but only 15/25 in listening, which is easily my weakest area. the exam also weighed 40%, which means even if i full mark the rest of the assessments i won't be getting a very...
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    Answering Listening and Reading Sections in Langauges

    This is for listening specifically: We've been told that for summarise questions, we shouldn't include all information, as this is likely to make us lose marks since we haven't actually summarised. Also in terms of mark allocation, for questions where they ask you to refer to language and...
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    Burden of evidence/proof

    not sure how relevant this is but there can be issues with dna evidence in particular being used in the criminal trial process, since jurors tend to overestimate its reliability. there's a case from victoria about a man who was wrongly convicted of sexual assault based on wrong dna evidence, and...
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    how much would ranking matter in this case?

    in both my french continuers and extension classes, we have 3 people. the other two people in the class are quite good at the subject, so even if i can get a good mark on its own, i don't think i'll be able to rank above them. in such a small class, would ranking last matter (particularly as all...
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    EE2 2022 thread

    i'm doing ext 2 - right now i'm just researching, but my plan is to base my idea off of linguistics and derridean philosophy somehow
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    Out of curiousity

    pathway: ATAR year 11: - english advanced - english extension - maths standard - legal studies - french continuers - polish continuers (ccafl) - philosophy (board endorsed) year 12 (will likely drop a subject): - english advanced - english extension 1 - english extension 2 - maths standard 2 -...
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    English Advanced Texts

    we're doing the crucible, atwood's hag-seed, the tempest, and t.s eliot's poetry (not sure about mod c yet though)
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    pros and cons of choosing new subjects in year 12?

    hm yeah as far as I know, you can't pick up new subjects in year 12 unless they're extensions, because in order to complete the hsc course for a subject you need to have completed the preliminary course as a prerequisite unfortunately
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    Cancel some of the HSC?

    i'm not too sure that would solve the problem of running exams, though. it's inevitable that not every student would pick the same 3 exams, so they would probably still end up running ~120 exams like usual (obv with less people sitting them, but the exams are still running), which according to...
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    Thoughts on hsc subjects

    not sure about the hsc course, but personally i find ext english to be easier than adv, because adv is quite rigorous in what you need to write and analyse, where ext is really philosophical and the analysis is a lot deeper. however, if you're not a big fan of english at first, don't take ext -...
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    hi! the example that iago deceives othello is good to start with, but remember that answering the question is key - try to focus on what this shows about othello's character. start with a statement about one of othello's main traits, and then your example would be how this is shown in the play...
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    What language are you studying?

    i'm doing french continuers at school and polish continuers at saturday school - planning on doing french extension too. i also did japanese continuers at the start of the year but dropped it as i found it too hard to keep up!
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    my school's announced online prelims, even if lockdown is lifted, but i believe the structure of the exam is gonna depend on the subject :/
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    extension french?

    with french this year, rather than running a beginners course as well as continuers, the school put three of us beginners into the continuers course and basically said 'just work hard and you'll be fine' - which has worked for me, since i came second in the last assessment. i would like to do...