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    The Woolworths Thread

    You can get a form from cash office or do it online.
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    Binomial Probability

    The books wrong, you have done the question right.
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    maths book with LIKE hsc questions?

    Success one has all exams from 20 years back and worked solutions. But yeah if you just want the questions go to the BOS website.
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    Law/Creative Arts at UOW

    To get into double degree programs you would have to satisfy the requirements of the single degrees. So if you wanted to do Law/Creative Arts I'm pretty sure you still have the UAI to get into straight law (i.e. 90+) as well as doing well in the interview/have a good portfolio to get into the...
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    Dropping Japanese Continuers for Physics in HSC?

    If you're even considering doing extension Japanese you are probably quite apt at Continuers so you shouldn't drop that. But in saying that you seem to be just as good at physics. So I would advise you to keep both until you can decide (you might even change your mind and drop one of your other...
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    Red P test place?

    it would help if you could tell us where you live. i would suggest shellharbour but you probably don't know where that is.
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    Level of maths for econometrics.

    Maths subjects tend to make the maths/stats in economics quite simple. Although within economics degree I think they teach you all the maths/stats you need to survive (well, at least get through the subjects) although it doesn't go quite as in depth.
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    you can use the FV formula for both.
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    The Woolworths Thread

    where can we find this all out? i'm ppt (for past 6 weeks or so) and i do 12 hours a week and was told that was the minimum?
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    The Woolworths Thread

    12 minimum.
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    mathematics + UAI?

    not doing maths doesn't stop you getting into any business degrees. if you're worried about maths though (they do have introductory maths/stats as part of any business courses) you can always do bridging courses
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    The Philippines and Hong Kong

    in manilla there's not much to do but go to the mall and visit relatives if you have any there. everywhere else is shit. go to the islands, visit boracay
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    mathematics + UAI?

    there is no reason you can't get a high uai if not doing maths is your only worry. i know at least two with 99+ uai with no maths so you wont be disadvantaged there. not doing maths can limit your choices for uni though, but you're probably not going into a maths related field? (maths, science...
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    Rep of uni matter in accounting?

    There are heaps of cadetships on offer in Wollongong, just keep a look out in the papers. I know of people who got cadetships at the end of first session. Also, if you get good marks and have heaps of experience it won't matter what uni you go to.
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    Help , Year 11 Inequalities. Thanks

    q-2/3 < 2+ 3q/4 q - 3q/4 < 2 + 2/3 q(1- 3/4) < 2 + 2/3 q < (2 + 2/3)/0.25
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    Trig Function Problem

    1) The arc length when a secot of a circle is subintended by an angle of pie/5 at the centre 3pie/2 metres. Find the radius of the circle. l = r@ r = l/@ = (3pi/2) / (pi/5) = 15/2 2) The radius of a circle is 3cm and an arc is 2pie/7 cm long. Find the angle subintended at the centre...
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    integration by parts

    sweet...thanks heaps man
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    integration by parts

    hey i was wondering if anyone could help me out with integration by parts? I [y3.e-y/2 dy] limits: 0--> infinity thanks
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    Help with subjects please

    you will have to ask your school. you should be able to though, heaps of people did it after my half yearly.
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    Changing the Subject

    serious question? :confused: x=x-y/xy x^2.y = x - y x^2.y + y = x y(x^2 + 1) = x y = x/(x^2 + 1)