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  1. MarsBarz

    HELP - USYD enrolment hell

    Everything was quite clear until this point but now it is just too confusing. I got my offer in the preliminary round for commerce&arts (I'm an international student) and I promptly accepted and paid the deposit online. But now I am getting conflicting dates and information about...
  2. MarsBarz

    Why Wasnt French Scaled Better

    I was expecting 97+ and i just got 90 for French continuers. WTFWTFWTF.
  3. MarsBarz

    HELP: Cocktail dress code

    Ok so my formal is coming up and the dress code is 'Cocktail'. I'm really not sure what that implies. Does that mean that I don't need to wear a tie? Is it ok to have wear a suit without a tie? I'd really like some help here.
  4. MarsBarz

    Question about Repeating

    I don't think that I will have to repeat but just in case, I was wondering what the procedure was. Is it possible to do all the studying by yourself and then sit for the HSC next year in an allocated exam center or do you have to go to TAFE? What if you don't need any lessons?
  5. MarsBarz

    Guestimate UAI with raw mars

    These are my estimated raw marks in the HSC: 2U Maths: 95+/120 1U Maths ext1: 55+/85 2U French Cont: 90+/100 1U French ext1: 40+/50 2U ESL: 80+/100 2U SDD: 90+/100 2U Business: ?/100 Disregarding internal asessments, [1] What final hsc mark would you predict those raw results would...
  6. MarsBarz

    Question about ext scaling.

    Ok so maths extension isn't exactly my best subject and I kind of fudged the exam. What do you think 55/84 would scale to? What band do you reckon that would put me into?
  7. MarsBarz

    Raw estimates

    Well, I've noticed that noone has posted an estimate thread yet. So please post: Raw estimate:___ /100 My estimate: Raw estimate: 90+/100 Highest 95+. Lowest 85+.
  8. MarsBarz

    Multiple choice [C o r r e c t a n s w e r s]

    These are the answers I got and they're all correct because I am the best in the whole entire universe. If you didn't get my answers you are most definitely WRONG. 1. C 2. C 3. C 4. D 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. D 10. C 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A 15. B 16. D 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. D...
  9. MarsBarz

    SDD Marathon v1

    Simple. Post the solution to the question above you and ask a new question. It'd be a good idea to provide a solution for your question as well after someone else has attempted it to make sure that their solution is correct. I'll start it off. 1. Outline the three levels of testing...
  10. MarsBarz

    Help: Heuristics

    I've read several textbooks but in all of them the definition for heuristics is rather ambiguous and the concept is not explained very well. Could anyone enlighten me? By the way this is in the Evolution option and is a logic paradigm concept.
  11. MarsBarz

    Q2: Solutions

    Question 2: a. Find d/dx(2sin-15x). d/dx(2sin-15x = [2/(1-25x2)1/2] . 5 = 10/(1-25x2)1/2 b. Use the binomial theorem to find the term independent of x in the expansion of [2x-(1/x2)]12. Tk+1 = Tk+1 = 12Ck.(2x)12-k.(-1/x2)k Tk+1 = 12Ck.(2)12-k.x12-k.(-1)k.x-2k Tk+1 =...
  12. MarsBarz

    Q1: Solutions

    Question 1: a. Find ∫ [dx/(x2+49)]. ∫ [dx/(x2+49)] = (1/7).tan-1(x/7) + C b. Sketch the region in the plane defined by y<=|2x+3|. Sketch y=|2x+3|, and shade under the function. c. State the domain and range of y=cos-1(x/4). Domain: -1<=(x/4)<=1 Domain: -4<=x<=4 Range: 0<=y<=pi...
  13. MarsBarz

    French extension

    How did you go? I really liked it. Good questions, I had plenty of time. The best hsc exam so far I rekon :)! I hope I get a band 6!!!
  14. MarsBarz

    How do you think you did?

    I think I did a lot better than trial. At least this time I completed the exam. I thought the comprehension question repeated themselves a bit but they were straightforward. The speech to Yr 7's was a bit suss but I managed to write 1.5 pages on it so I'm fairly satisfied. I did the...
  15. MarsBarz

    Questions on the journey essay.

    English advance and standard get to focus on just one type of journey (physical/inner/imaginative). Is that the case for use ESL students or do we have to discuss all of these? Also how much should you write about techniques? Would 2 techniques per text be enough? Is it important to...
  16. MarsBarz

    2 Inverse trig Qs

    1. Sketch y=tan-1(tanx) 2. Prove tan-1(3/4)+sin-1(5/13)=cos-1(33/65)
  17. MarsBarz

    Extension speaking samples?

    I remember finding a couple of audio samples online of the continuers speaking exam. Anyone know where I can find samples for extension? (I'm not talking about past exams, I want the audio samples). Thanks.
  18. MarsBarz

    HSC: What band are you hoping for/aiming?

    I'm hoping for a band 6 but I'm not entirely sure I'll get it. I haven't done much work this year in SDD but I am now doing a few hours of SDD per day and will do so until the HSC so I think that I'm improving exponentially. What are you aiming for? And if you've already done the HSC what...
  19. MarsBarz


    Find the exact area bounded by the curves y=sinx and y=cosx in the domain 0<=x<=2PI. I don't know how to find the points of intersection (I'm tired shh).
  20. MarsBarz

    Inverse trig question

    When we are just given an inverse equation such as y=sin-1x, do we automatically assume that it is a function (ie: domain and range have been restricted) or do we treat it as an inverse relation unless otherwise told?.