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    Engliish advice

    hey stressed out yr 12 peeps. i was in your position last year and having obtained my raw marks, I wanted to share and pass on some advice concerning the english exams. i went really well in the trials (99/105) and was pumped going into the hsc. i went with the memorizing generic essays and...
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    The Online Mole

    Hi peeps. I know your this is like a study forum and all but some of you might wanna break so........ I've created a version of the "The Online Mole". A game where nine genuine contestants will participate in missions amongst a saboteur. The mole is a traitor whose mission is to sabotage the...
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    free english essay marking

    I am no longer marking essays. Sorry :( I have had a terrible experience with a student who I won't name (even though I should). Basically I helped this person out by annotating their essay thoroughly. As I have been doing for all the essays I've marked, I cropped a sample paragraph from one...
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    atar to ter conversion

    my friends aunty seems to think that her TER that she got in 1994 was better than my friends ATAR and i was wondering if anyone would know if a TER of 394 was better than an ATAR of 98.90. i know its a long shot coz everyone here is young but ahhh well.
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    raw marks

    i was just wondering if anyone (i know there is a slim chance) has saved all of the raw marks bos was collecting?? or was all that data lost in the hacking? if so, if people from past years can be fucked re-posting it wud be gr8 :)
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    when does the top achievers list and distinguished achievers list come out?

    like what does afternoon mean. like 12.01? or 4 o'clock?
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    physics paper thoughts if anyone remembers. mc - easy core - absolute and complete utter bullshit option - easy
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    teachers see hsc marks shiiitttt. majorr fuck up.
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    biology kiss books

    does anyone know where i could find the keep it simple science notes for biology? thankyou. :wave:
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    multiple chioce question

    A chemist observed a colour change after adding bromine water, Br2(aq), to an unknown hydrocarbon. Which one of the following substances could she have produced in this reaction? (A) pentane (B) 2-pentene (C) 2,3-dibromopentane (D) 1,3-dibromopentane Answers say (c). Why? I would think only...
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    multiple choice questions

    please help. 1. A student diluted a solution of an acid by mixing 10 mL with 90 mL of water. If the original solution had a pH of 2.1, what will the final pH of the solution be? (A) 1.1 (B) 2.1 (C) 3.1 (D) 4.1 2. Consider the equilibrium reaction: C6H5COOH (aq) + H2O (l)---> C6H5COO-(aq) +...
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    resisting g forces

    MC question. Astronauts are more easily able to cope with an application of g-forces which results in the eyeballs undergoing relative motion towards the body rather than away from it. Which of the following combination of astronaut positions are most desirable to achieve this effect? (A)...
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    chem calculation question!

    does anyone have 2009 independent solutions? Q.20 HELP (a), (b) & (c). 'One suggested measure to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is to construct 'artificial trees' in which air passes through slats wet with dilute sodium hydroxide solution. The descending solution of sodium...
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    few q's.

    a) name the isotope that undergoes beta decay to form thorium - 227. b) the molar heat of combustion of ethanol is 1367 kJ mol-1. what mass of ethanol is required to heat 1 mole of water by 10 degrees?
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    Torque Question Calculation 2009 HSC Hi, I need help with 21 c). i get a) and b).
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    2009 cssa paper

    can a 09' student please (:jump:) upload it.
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    2009 physics trial

    has anyone got the 2009 cssa physics trial? it isnt in the resources page. thanks.
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    Bio Question Help.

    2005 HSC - 24 (b) Nick's wife Maria has a history of red-green colour blindness in her family. Jack, their two-year old son, may be red-green colour blind. Maria's brothers, Vincent and Paul, are colour blind but her brother, James is not. Maria's mother Anne, is a carrier of red-green colour...
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    Post Sc Results Here!

    A few days left. Post your results and bands.
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    When Do We Get Results!

    wo we get the school certificate results?