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  1. will_

    Introductory Econometrics

    hi, does anyone have notes for this subject. i am struggling in this subject at the moment and need a basis to understand the lectures.
  2. will_

    Is there a last day to change majors in 2nd year bachelor of business at UTS?

    is there a last day to change majors before starting 2nd year business?
  3. will_

    Learning French at UTS

    hi, could someone please explain to me the difference in the levels of french on offer at uts. these include: 97401 French Language and Culture 1 97402 French Language and Culture 2 97403 French Language and Culture 3 97404 French Language and Culture 4 97405 French...
  4. will_

    Majoring in economics and finance second year at uts

    can someone write out the mainstream 2nd year schedule for someone who majors in finance and economics
  5. will_

    FOR SALE: Connecting With Law 2nd Edition by sanson, anthony, worswick.

    hey guys, i am selling this textbook which i bought from the co-op bookshop at uts last week. I paid $86 for this book brand new and it has practically only been used for a day. The textbook is suitable for students who are studying legal methods and research at uts. My sale price is $70...
  6. will_

    Which subjects to choose for bachelor of law at UTS

    hi, which subjects should i choose for the bachelor of law at uts for both semesters of the first year, for someone who has not studied legal studies, so i wish to start with the subjects which introduce the basics of law.
  7. will_

    Which degree is more highly recognised by employers?

    UTS business/law or UNSW economics hi, i wish to pursue a career in business and i would like a degree which would set me up to be successful in the finance field. If i was to do uts business/law i would major in finance and have done law options such as finance law, world trade law...
  8. will_

    Commerce at USYD, UNSW, Macquarie?

    i know that this is the sort of question which is asked too frequently, but i will be having to make this choice and i am undecided where to go. i want to do the bachelor of commerce and i should get enough to go to either of these three unis. I want to know about this specific faculty rather...
  9. will_

    Number of related texts for english

    ok, i would just like to get this right for the trials. how many related text do we need for each section belonging essay: 1 prescribed text and ? related text module A: 2 stories from the one author module B: 2 poems from the one poet module C: 1 prescribed text and ? related text is that...
  10. will_

    When is the best time after the 2012 HSC to go overseas?

    Hi, after the 2012 hsc my family and I are looking to go to europe for a month. but the thing is that i want to apply for medicine or optom at unsw and uws(for mbbs) so i don't want to be away from the country when these interviews are on. When would be the best time to go for 4 weeks to avoid...
  11. will_

    What university course would you recommend me?

    hi, i am doing my hsc this year but i am not sure what course i should do in uni next year. my top subjects are physics, economics and maths and i think i can achieve an atar of 95. I would like to go to usyd or unsw or uts and i want to find a career path which has a good future pay of course...
  12. will_

    Doing physiotherapy in university

    Hi, i am graduating in 2012 and ive taken some interest in physiotherapy. i would like to know if there are bonus points available for physiotherapy at usyd? also, anyone whose currently doing the course, is the entire course done at the lidcombe campus? whats the job prospects like and what...
  13. will_

    Dropping from advanced english to standard english

    I know many people may have previously asked this question but i seriously need some advice. I scored 84 for my school certificate last year and i chose advanced english. In my speech assesment task, i got 11/20 ranking 22/24 in the class. since then the two below me have dropped. I have since...