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    Examination Mark

    Hey, can someone please explain the outcomes of this scenario Person A: Rank 3/35 Person B: Rank 4/35 If person B gets a higher mark than person A in externals: -Does person A get person B's examination mark as their assessment mark? e.g. Person A gets internally 85 and person B gets 84...
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    AOS: Discovery Essay

    Hey, I'm tad confused about my discovery essay. I have written a generic discovery essay with heaps of rubric references throughout the essay and plan to interchange particular key words to adapt it on the day. e.g.intellectual discovery--> emotional discovery -through altering a bit of my...
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    Hey, I'm really confused about this whole scaling process. Is it wrong for me to put my raw overall internal marks into an atar calculator? Or am I supposed to scale these marks (maybe according to previous years) and then enter these into an atar calculator? Thanks