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    Length of law degree after transfer

    USYD has a very structured LLB transfer pathway. You'll finish it in 5 years still as transfer students need to do 2 law units per sem instead of 1 in their first year. Good luck!
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    Any chance after rejection for Usyd Law?

    What! 84+ wam isnt enough gor usyd law now? It must have gotten super competitive? What was your atar?
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    Dayell Scholars First Preference.

    Seems like it given that usyd law with an atar of 99.5 had a wam cut off around there for people with low atars (they used a combo)
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    How big is the university tutoring market

    You are either naive or a snake if you are suggesting that just 'passing' is what people want.
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    How big is the university tutoring market

    People definitely care how well they do at university. Uni tutoring, unlike high school, is mainly for kids who are struggling to pass rather than those gunning for top marks. Completely different market. There are plenty of resources and the best students work for university as tutors anyway...
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    USYD B.Comm to UNSW B.Comm

    OP has implied they are struggling at usyd comm. UNSW does have inflated marks doesn't make it automatically easier. Switching universities rarely helps one overcome difficulties - stick to it and try develop better study habits.
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    Getting ahead in uni

    The most important thing anyone going into first year of university could do is to find a good group of like minded friends in the first few weeks before everyone settles in their cliques. This isn't just for you to have 'friends' who are there to support you but also because doing university...
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    is 80 WAM acheivable in commerce first year???

    80 wam in UNSW comm is relatively easy. Top 5% of such a massive commerce cohort isn't too difficult for anyone who studies and takes university seriously.
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    Is law boring

    Studied finance, law and med. Can confirm law is very interesting but obviously depends on people. The readings are the ground works. It only starts to get really interesting when you actually think about it/analyse problems.
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    Studying business/commerce at usyd or uts

    Both great universities but usyd commerce for sure. Marketing is a decent major if you're interested but I would suggest against management. It is absolutely useless. If you're bad at maths, take up accounting and that will be much more useful and increase your graduate opportunities...
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    Deakin Uni - Osces

    Congrats on making it through. OSCEs can be a bitch and ANYONE can fail, including 'top' students. However like anything though, practicr does help a lot
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    Same Sex Marriage Debate

    I think the vast majority of people, including me, expect Yes tp prevail. Australia is extremely open. I just think the yes campaign has been incredibly stupid and that will make the margin smaller than it otherwise would have been. They have been nothing but aggressive. It is an ISSUE that is...
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    Time spent studying to get a distinction or high distinction average?

    His question didn't ask "if my atar is x, what will my wam be". It was simply in terms of difficultly what would x wam convert to in terms of ATAR. People with ATAR in 80s have gotten HDs in many subjects (none that I know of in usyd comm or law though). Credit is pretty much the average...
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    Time spent studying to get a distinction or high distinction average?

    I ranked multiple stats and finc subjects at usyd (so WAM was well over distinction) and it depends on how much effort you put and in general how well you understand the concept. The difference between hsc and uni is that in hsc you get so much time to perfect answers and do so many practice...
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    Wealth Management ---> IB/MC/TAS

    You will get better responses if you ask this question on Whirlpool.
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    Wealth Management ---> IB/MC/TAS

    Outside of Macquarie Capital, quality of candidates drops big time. If you have any experience working in wealth management (private?) It mayb be helpful to get into say Macquarie Asset Management. You'll still need high marks but yeah a comm/law kid with a high WAM and anothrr previous...
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    Time spent studying to get a distinction or high distinction average?

    Firstly, Uni is not rough. Yes subject matter is substantially more difficult than thr HSC (for anything you do) so it takes a while to adjust but pressure wise, not the same as HSC. Having said that, I have never pulled an all nighter for the HSC while I lost count the number of times I pulled...
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    Do employers care about what uni you go to and your wam?

    If you think UNSW marks hard, you should feel about your usyd commerce or law people. Employers will be aware of this though.
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    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    LOL I'll be 25 mate and Im perfectly fine with that. No need to be salty brah.