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  1. Gilbert1

    I couldn't report a post

    I tried but all I got was
  2. Gilbert1

    Do you want to go to uni?

    eres a thought. Don't go to uni until your 21, or don't go to uni at all and take another path. Alot of people stress out over the HSC and making i into uni but have you thought if thats what you want to do? the HSC is not your life, aswell as uni isnt your life. I'm not saying uni is bad but I...
  3. Gilbert1

    BoS AoE tournament

    Thats right its the BoS Age of Empires2:conquerers tournament. Prepare to get your nerd on. You have until sunday June 17th to obtain, familiarise yourself and join the tournament. Starts: June 17th 2007 Finishes:June 24th 2007 Rules: Play as many games as you want in the given week. You...
  4. Gilbert1

    William Adams - Myspace

    Does anybody know of William Adams (the resgister of USYD) myspace?
  5. Gilbert1

    How is this fashion?

    Do they actually expect people to wear this or was it something thought up while smoking a joint?
  6. Gilbert1

    My hair colour

    I am thinking of dying my hair but I really dunno. So now I am giving you, yes you the chance to decide my fate. Whatever the verdict is by 9:00am Saturday will be my haircolour. Oh yeah, but I ain;t giving you complete controll :p
  7. Gilbert1

    Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris (12th of June)

    Just over a month away. Any QotSA fans out there? Some of the albums songs have been leaked and you can listen to them if you myspace search QotSA instead of Queens of the Stone Age. Tracks will be: Turning on the Screw Sick, sick, sick I'm Designer Into the Hollow Misfit Love...
  8. Gilbert1

    {{Challenges you on this game}}

    Tried it. Got bored after a few times. Those spinny cricles annoy me
  9. Gilbert1

    The Illusionist

    Anybody seen it? What did you think? I saw it and wasn't really fazed at all. Found it a little mediocre but not exactly bad. I say people should see it but don'texpect anything great.
  10. Gilbert1

    Funkiest CD ever

    Ok I have set out to make the Funkiest CD ever but I'm falling short. So I need your help, I need more songs. This CD is going to funk your pants off. Now these songs can't just be a good dance song, they must be the funkiest songs around that no matter who you are or where you are that all you...
  11. Gilbert1

    Scrubs 2007

    New season of scrubs is back on 12th March. at 11:30 channel seven.
  12. Gilbert1

    BoS redirecting

    Whenever a website is posted on BoS I can't redirect to the new site. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem because I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be changing.
  13. Gilbert1


    Ok so my friends 18th is this friday and he is having his party at a gay bar(he's gay. I'm not). I don't mind going to a gay bar but the thing is most of our friends are <18 so they cant come and the rest of the people he invited reckons wont turn up. He reckons that it will just be me and him...
  14. Gilbert1

    Music you HATE

    I know there is a music that sucks thread but this is different. I want to know what music you hate and everytime you hear them they make your blood boil. You can't just dislike them you must HATE them Me: Panic!at the disco My Chemical Romance
  15. Gilbert1

    For all those people who spent time wasted

    Yeah you know you did it. I spent 10+mins just siting there doing nothing. I mean I'm glad you get 5mins extra to write an exam but i dont know how to use it.
  16. Gilbert1

    Top or Bottom?

    So yeah what do you guys prefer? Top or bottom but not necessarily during sex. Just in general because me and my gf are always asking which one they prefer.
  17. Gilbert1

    The mystery schooler

    So have you ever had that mysteru person who you see on the way to school. They look like in your year and everything is perfect about them but you never talk to them. I used to have one who caught a bus at my stop who went to Riverside. Then i moved schools.
  18. Gilbert1

    Who plays Magic

    Yes I admit it i play magic cards. Who else does here? Are you on the forums if yes ??? I'm "the_budget_common Yes I am a nerd. Get over it.