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  1. MuffinMan

    UPNFIT grrr

    hey is the network down? I can't connect. When I type my password in (FIT password) it keeps going "please type in your credentials". It used to work but it isn't working today. My friend typed his FIT pw in and it didn't work either. 802.1x security disable "log on using windows domain...
  2. MuffinMan

    email notification not working?

    like for pm's and thread subscriptions doesn't work anymore :(
  3. MuffinMan

    So...what is a submajor?

    I have no idea, so what is it?
  4. MuffinMan

    31270 Networking Essentials Challenge Exam

    Hey has anyone ever done one of these exams? I just wanted to know the structure of the exam? There apparently is a practical section and I have no idea what they're going to test us for the practical.
  5. MuffinMan

    Need a cd player for dad's car

    Hey guys I need a cd player for my dad's car which currently umm doesn't have one :( I'm tossing up between pioneer and sony. Which subs would be good as well? um my sound system is shit on my dad's car so I might as well do that as well. Gonna buy it at strathfield um I guess I should get...
  6. MuffinMan

    Removing vista

    Is there a way to do it without formatting? I want to put xp pro back on.
  7. MuffinMan

    Cursor Flash Game :)
  8. MuffinMan

    Discontinuation Form

    Where do I go to fill one of those forms out? :confused:
  9. MuffinMan

    Bad Guitar Solos

    This one is absolutely awful *cringe*
  10. MuffinMan

    New notebook, suggestions plz?

    Ok I'm thinking of getting this notebook, in late July or something like that. Specs: (ASUS A8SC) Processor: Intel Core Duo 2 T7300 @ 2.0Ghz Operating System: Windows Vista 32 bit Business Screen: 14.1" Widescreen (WXGA Colourshine) Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 8400M G, External 128MB...
  11. MuffinMan

    Rider's Licence

    Ok, to cut a long story short, my parents take both the car out on the weekdays so I have nothing to drive to get me around. I have nowhere near 10 grand or anything like that at the moment, and I don't know if I can afford a decent car which won't break down etc.) So I'm thinking of getting a...
  12. MuffinMan

    Help! Fluctuating wireless speeds

    I don't know whats causing this. I'm using channel 1, with nearby wireless all using channel 6. I've scanned neigbouring wireless networks using netstumbler to make sure I didn't miss anything with a hidden SSID. Browsing seems to be fine, goes at 54mbs, gaming drops to about 48mbs and file...
  13. MuffinMan

    The Online Flash Game Thread

    Ok guys, I'm sure that there are plenty of decent flash games out there. Heres a start :) Post others if you wish :)
  14. MuffinMan

    Best Aeroplane Carrier - Domestic

    Any recommendations? :D I've never been on a plane interstate before :o
  15. MuffinMan

    High motabolism

    Ok, I have a problem with my metabolism. I think it is too high. No matter how much I eat I never seem to be able to gain any weight :(. I don't think that's normal :-/
  16. MuffinMan

    Vista - Annoying confirmation

    How do you turn off the stupid popup that says "Do you want to continue" every time you do something?
  17. MuffinMan

    Windows genuine crap

    fucking hell that shit is annoying, how do I remove it?
  18. MuffinMan

    Who on earth do they employ at hutchinson's?

    My first bill and they stuffed it up. I ordered a 6288 not a ZE610i. I have put a complaint in but hey, knowing which handset a customer ordered should be simple as right?
  19. MuffinMan

    Buying computers online

    How safe is it? Like from stores like and stuff.
  20. MuffinMan

    Ok, I think I screwed up my application

    Ok, so I applied and stuff, put everything in, then went to the previous employment history, wrote that in and forgot to realise that they only accept full time work. Now they want a cover sheet to go with it and I've realised that I can't change it now. What do I do?????? Any help would be...