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    99.85 + State Rank - TUTORING in Eng, Eco and History! SELLING ESSAYS/NOTES

    Hey guys, I finished my HSC in 2011 with an ATAR of 99.85, with a state ranking of 6th in History Extension and with all subject marks above 95. I'm currently studying Arts/Law at the University of Sydney, majoring in History and Government. At my top-20 private high school, where I was on a...
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    Creatives - (to what the extent, if any) can they be unusual?

    Basically, I got a 13/15 for my creative in Trials (which is a decent mark I realise, but I'm for me that's borderline bad) and the critique was that apart from being confusing in some areas (which I realise now), it was a tad strange. I wrote about a genderfluid/androgynous person in second...
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    Yet another ATAR estimate!

    So my school doesn't release final marks, final ranks (until the last day of school) or an ATAR estimate (EVER) so here's the marks I've worked out with estimated ranks: Ancient History - 96 - 2nd/3rd out of 30. Mathematics - 93 - top 20 out of 100ish. Modern History - 94 - top 5 out of 80...
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    20th Century India or Russia?

    So my teacher's giving my class the choice between 20th Century India (Gandhi etc.) or 20th Century Russia (the rise of Stalinism) for next year. And I don't know what to choose... If we do India, we'll be like one of the two classes in the state studying that topic, but she seems to know the...